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Last shot of love.

Last shot of love.

By MorganRain29

Mark: Larry Brice
Age: 41
CEO of the largest internet banking in Chicago.
Description: 140 pounds, 6"ft 165 pounds Sandy beard & hair.
Blue eyes.
Drives BMW 4834BRICE.
Likes: Food, cars Hookers.
Place of Execution: Madam Rosé Ella Brothel 11th Avenue 12:30 AM
Style of Execution: bullet to the head.

Mark: Edward Travis aka Mr E.
Age: 32
Owner of “Travis” Hottest club in New York.
Description: 5ft "2 120 pounds,
Short black hair, shaved at the sides, brown eyes black goatee, tattoos of Lion head on his shoulder, Celtic cross on his left bicep.
Drives: Jag 8341LETD.
Likes: Women, gym drugs. Underage sex.
Place of Execution: Travis 148 Avenue, Main office 1st floor.
Style of Execution: Cut throat.

Mark: Yamane Carter.
Age 35
Mistress of Mr L.
Description: 122 pounds 6”ft petite body, short dyed red hair, blue eyes.
Loves red dressed in red all the time, loves expensive gifts. In New York for shopping spree.
Dangers are bodyguard that go with her everywhere, expect when massaged or bed.
One bodyguard sleeps outside her door,
Likes: Clothes gold jewellery, attention unavailable men.
Place of Execution: Room 801 Penthouse.
Style of Execution: Natural.

Private chat room

Jane: hey nice work on the mistress, Mr L thanks you!
Savanna: is that from him personally? You don’t believe anything he writes, hey has the money gone through, somehow I don’t trust a man who’s idea of getting rid of blackmailing mistress is to kill her.
Jane: technically you killed her dear.
Savanna: yes but as he paid me too, check!"
Jane: it’s all there fifteen mil, half in yours & half in mine.
Savanna: Good.
Jane: why are you so untrustworthy? It must because you English.
Savanna: No it’s the job description, that why you & I have never met.
Jane: that’s why you haven’t had a lasting relationship ever! Some one night stands & pecks on the cheek.
Savanna: I have to keep up the sham of a spoilt brat of life up don’t I. besides it good stringing them along.
Jane: that’s why you end up an alone.
Savanna: how do you know? Have you ever know a hit woman to be happily married with kids.
Jane: you got me there, I’ll shut up now.
Savanna: thank you, now in a very English way, piss off I’m going to have a shower.
Jane: oh one more thing, you have just reached the top of the number of Hit Woman chart.
Savanna: just what I always wanted to be; now I can leave this life of crime.
Jane: ah, ah okay now in my American way. Have a nice day! J
Savanna: Logging off. Bye.

So that’s her life, Savanna Shaw. Paid hit woman, hired gun, assassin.
Whatever you want call her, she shut down her laptop & looks out of the beautiful view that is New York, every view you see, full of sliver shining skyscrapers.
That why she choose it, being there in upper Manhattan. Of course it does have down falls; her life has two parts like pros one dark lethal sexy hit-woman.
The other is dumb money grabbing coke sniffing socialite Savanna Shaw.
Hey, you got to have a hobby. Here’s is pretending that she cares about social people.
That’s one way of explaining why a 25 year can live in upper Manhattan.
Rich tycoon.

Savanna stares at herself in the long mirror in her spacious bathroom & stared at herself standing in the in peach towel.
She doesn’t see it, she doesn’t why every man want her, oh she suspects its because of the money, but the socialite idiots thinks she looks like 2 Hollywood stars.
Thinking she had some work done, & of course Savanna did, keeping in with up to date “in crowd” but the real girl didn’t she was born this beautiful.
Her eyes are deep grey with a hint of blue in them, highly unusual for a mixed race girl.
Halle Berry & that Angelina Jolie, with to die lips & body. Her skin type is that of the first actress & her bone structure is that Scandinavian.
Of course now, she as to look in the magazines to see & keep up to date with latest styles.
She cut her jet black hair cropped it short, making her neck longer & her face stand out more.
It’s tiring.
She’s glad when she gets a job. & not the 9 to five one either.
She picks up her ringing cell on the first ring & rolls her eyes. She can already see the lines of white powers on the glass table the loud “Hip music” the clinking of the champagne glasses, she opened the phone & puts on her fake smile. Apparently it helps with the voice.

Savanna: hey George. (Leader of social nitwits)
George: oh my god! Sav, you have to go to Peaches with me tonight, I have had the most horrible day, (probably a mad manicure)
Savanna: ah maybe, Daddy is still keeping me on the tight leash,
George: oh come on, one night calm harm you surely, anyway his name is Lance, he’s the son of the banker tycoon that almost got an arrest for under the table payoffs.
Savanna: Oh right.
George: Anyway, he dumps me!
Savanna: Poor baby, well I can only stay any hour or so, no coke either last time is enough of that stinky jail cell.
George: Fine, come around at 11. TTFN! (Ta, Ta for now)
Savanna said the same & stared at her fake smile in the mirror.
Please get me a hit on that girl; I will even do it for free.

She wore a light mid blue off the shoulder tight dress, with short cropped hair wetted back from her flawless face, she sat in the limo & told god ol jimmy to wait 5 minutes before calling her, and he likes the extra 30 bucks.
Peaches were now the hottest club since the owner of “Travis” was found dead with his throat cut.
Anyway, it was the same has his, & all the others. Loud large, annoying filled with sweat teen sex. She sat up on VIP room with Social nitwits in blush of pinks & reds clashing with the décor. Savanna clinked the champagne glasses she laughed at their mocking jokes & watched as the Paris Hilton wannabes snorted coke, then they wonder why their faces full of the powder ends of the New York times front page.
& the time came to sigh when good ol jimmy called her up,
"Oh my god!" she looked to everyone looking at her.
"No, daddy! I need that car, the limo driver keep giving me dirty looks, he even looks like mums ol shag rag, please daddy, I’ve been good all week."
She sees the nitwits buying it,
"Okay daddy I will come home straight away,"
Few tears, wining in voice & the Oscar goes to.
Takes 2 more minutes before she can get out of there, them giving her tips on how to blackmail her rich fictional daddy.
She can come & take two shampoos to get the sweat out of her, before she can call it a night.
2 days later & her laptop, gives her a delightful ringing tone, telling her she’s got a job.

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Project.

Window closes in an hour; client wants this done by 11:30 Monday night.
London club The Blaze. Mark known criminal. Deals in drugs blackmail & surprise, surprise
41 years old. Security high, layout of both properties & mission details attached.
So how about it killer?

She presses print & waits. Savanna didn’t even gasp when she saw the Mark’s photo. The photo was of him coming out of court, cleared of murder yet again. On the bottom of the article there was his name & the name of his son.
Yes she knew them & no she wasn’t surprised.
She saw the layouts of both properties house & club.
Best way is in the through the club. They won’t be expecting that.
She typed a reply

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Reply

I’ll do it. Get me outta here by tonight!

Savanna felt nothing about to go home; she felt no excitement, no joy, and no terror.
She picked up her bag of goodies that has been waiting at the old locker room at the gym for the past year waiting for her, like good little weapons.
She of course quips herself with different natural looking wigs (should be at that price) & books herself in a nice class hotel room in Brixton.
She first scans the club, before placing a small digital camera to the roof over looking the small looking club, and then she finds a nice butch bodyguard to tag, so she knows where the security morons go.
She follows the Layout to the T & only finds her way in, is as a clubber, clubber with a diversion, probably a remote bomb, set to go off at maybe 11, pistol is good enough for him & anyway else, who just happens to walk in on her new party.
Now she waits. Well not really she goes in to The Blaze club. Dressed in a white tight dress & long fluffy white coat. she stands out of course & that’s what she wants, the high of knowing that the hit women is right under their nose, the dance floor is large with railing going all the top of second floor, where people can look over & make fun of stupid or geeky.
But she wasn’t paying attention; she scanned the room looking for the obvious signs of security, big black man in all black suites, with neck muscles bulging out of their tree truck necks.
She sees him, going out of one room into another, he looks different the hair.
He’s let it grow our, down his large broad shoulders.
She can’t see his face, but she knew he was the same.
Her heart twitches inside its little cage, maybe this is a bad idea, maybe he will be caught in the cross fire, she goes home more sadder than when she came here.
She placed the small remote bomb behind the club at Monday morning with a heavy heart & prayers he knows where near her when it goes down.

Game night. Dress in a red scarlet tight off the shoulder dress with matching wig, make-up & red knee high boots.
She waits for 45 minutes dancing with some punk who was tone deaf, who didn’t know a beat if it slapped on the arse & called him mummy, she pressed the remote with a slow steady heartbeat.
Every screamed & scrammed for the two exits.
There she took her chance & ran with style up to the third floor, she ran under every camera not caring if she was caught by it. The security guards came down to meet her & she shot one in heart & one in the head, she ran with high kick to the red leather door one 3rd floor & knocked the guy that was behind it down, which then she shot him one in the head like he had a target on it & she got a hundred points, she kicked the door closed & pulled out another automatic handgun seeing Noah Zavier & Reuben Logan staring at her, Rueben of course stood in front of him, ready to take the bullet. His blue eyes narrowed, yeah he recognized her. The way she moved the way she held the gun, her sumptuous body.
"Xenia!" Reuben said with a gasp.
"Always protecting the wrong men, aren’t you."
He saw Zavier peeking out from behind the huge ruby star player look-like.
She couldn’t help but smile at the pitiable soul.
"Hello daddy."

The door banged open again & she spun around & went to one knee shooting one bullet in the chest of another bum. Before something took over her, she was down now & convulsing, like she was having a fit.
100 electric volts will do that to ya, the gun was kicked out of her hand & the blackness came over her, in rapid style.

She heard their hush voices, before another pain shocked her out of the fuzzy blackness.
"Wakey, Wakey little black sheep."
She knew that condescending nasal voice anywhere.
She blinked a couple of seconds the normal light from the light bulb head of her, was blinding her,
"Hello sunshine."
Another punch to the other cheek, that one made the chair underneath her rock on two legs before settling back down on four sturdy legs, her hands were tied at the wrists & was already start cutting into her flesh.
"Well if it my dip shit brother, still getting big boys to do you dirty work I see,"
Another smack this time brought blood into her mouth.
"This will get painful, just tell me who hired you." he said standing in the corner, trying to look tough in custom made Italian suite,
"Donald Duck." she laughed showing her blood strained teeth, she saw another man in shadows,
A punch to the gut, made her take in a sharp breath. Then another & another on the third one, everybody heard a rib crack.
"Tell me who is it!"
She said nothing, except smiling, showing them her stained blood teeth.
"Break her fingers," he said turning away.
Without Question one of the big burley men walked behind her & snapped her finger in one.
She didn’t even scream, she laughed, and Lucas strolled over to her & grabbed her hair in handfuls.
"Tell me who hired you!’
"Tell me something, still haven’t popped your cherry yet, dealing poison to kids, or shooting a fucker," he gave her an open hand smack. Which hurt less?
"You still hitting like a pussy," laughed again before another hit, she was reeling from it before spitting the blood in his face of her attacker.
"Move out!" Lucas commanded before walking away, the punch which she didn’t see coming flew her off the chair on the floor hitting the wall with her shoulder.
She didn’t even groan she suppressed it, going deep in down in her cage & locked it up, she heard footsteps, soft footfalls, she couldn’t help but look threw her already swollen eye lid.
He knelled down & pulled up & made her lean against the wall.
"Hey," he said moving the ripping a piece of cloth from his lower piece of his blue shirt.
"Hey, you look good,"
"You don’t," he said in usual hushed tone, all the years she had known him, he had never raised his voice, his blue eyes filled with worry as he wiped the blood away from her cheek & her lip.
"Yeah well, that the penalty for being a Zavier," she groaned as the pain washed over her in stages,
"You don’t know do you?’
"No, client are anonymous, comes through my contact who I never met," she coughed up blood & spat on the floor, before leaning into him, she felt his large hands on the back of her red wig, before he began to take it off;
"There, that’s better," he said in her ear, his fingers glided up to her nape.
"Tell them anything Xenia, before it’s too bad,"
"Don’t worry," she said pushing herself back against the wall,
Xenia saw a small digital camera up in corner of the basement ceiling, blinking it red light.
Daddy watching.
"Besides, Lucas needs to get off on it, he could be a real man then," she said seeing him smile,
They both heard footfalls angry & many,
Reuben looked at the poor girl, he knew once, can he walk away from her again, let her get beaten by her own blood brother.
"Reuben gets away from her!" Lucas demanded like spoilt brat.
She gave him a smile & mouthed its okay,
He picked up her wig & walked away with a heavy heart,
"One last time!" he sang holding up her gun.
"Okay, okay!" she could hear relief fill the room.
"Its Bugs, Him & Daffy thinks Dads a bad man,” she said in a Daffy Duck voice.
He grunted, his brown eyes filled with anger, he gave the bald headed guy the gun.
"The arm," he ordered softly.
Then shaved head bloke, who not only looked like a bulldog, stood like a bulldog, drew his arm & pulled on trigger.
The shot ran out hitting in the upper arm, she grunted & blow air from her nose,
Again the same thing happened,
"The head!" he screamed at her.
The gun man looked at him, but only for a second, expecting her to scream or yell out,
The bulldog raised his arm yet again
"Lucas!" Reuben screamed running to the bulldog, but Lucas stopped him with a kick to the stomach, the Bulldog pulled on the trigger, but nothing had happened.
Nothing the gun jammed.
"Where’s your other gun!"
"Up stairs, sir!"
"Come on," he said slapping the bulldog head before turning on his heel walking away from by his hound, Reuben got up & walked to her seeing her slump down, her eyes fluttering shut.
“Mad bad, dangerous to know” enter his mind as he checked her pulse.
It was weak but she was there, still, still alive.
Something had to be done.

Xenia stirred against the warm cotton sheets her right hand felt it under her finger tip. She took a breath & gasped at the pain.
"Its okay, you safe," he said coming out of the shadows holding a glass of water, he sat down on the bed,
"Take these." he said bringing his fingers to her split lip.
She back away her head, only looked through one eye now, she felt the whole side of her left face was up two inches.
"Painkillers, I swear,"
The look of sorrow or was it regret of his face made her swallow them.
"Are you? My place, you have two broken ribs, broken finger I got out the two bullets in your leg & arm he missed any vital organs, thank god."
"I forgot you were a Medic in the army," she cracked a half smile.
"Yes well we all have sins to bear," he said taking a strand of hair from her face & then cupped it.
"Why, did you not leave me to die," her voice was soft now, weak.
"You know why," he frowned
"Yeah, father & Lucas thought of another way to get info, out of me."
"Actually you brother didn’t like the plan," he smiled
"Nah, he wouldn’t miss chance yet again."
"You believe me don’t you? That I’m doing this out of free.’
"He’s paying your bills, so no."
He took his hand away & looked away too.
"I’m not a killer your father & brother is I only protect him.”
"That’s all you do, that’s why there wasn’t a hit on your head Rueben."
"I know," he said softly before turning away heading back out the door.
"You’ll stay here, till at least you can walk without aid." he said not looking back at the beautiful broken woman.

She tried at least six times to get herself out of bed, even with aid of her the bedside table every bone hurt, he brought her food & tea ever three hours, they didn’t talk or nothing like that expect for thank you & some other pleasantries.
After five weeks he moved to the living room sofa, complete with blanket in front of the fire, telling her the room is cold & she would be better in the living room in front of the roaring fire, he sat there staring at her, while she sat there watching the fire or the T.V in the corner,
After four hours of watching, she asked
"Why are you staring at me?"
He looked away & smiled
"I don’t know,"
"You still think I know something, the client?"
"No, but they do,"
"They putting pressure on you,"
"Lucas is,"
"Still thinks you powers of persuasion none exist."
They both smiled at each other & another reminder ran through her she gasped & held her side, he came over to her & pulled down the blanket & pushed his denim shirt,
"Its okay," he knelled beside the sofa,
"Why did he choose you, why did he get someone else," she looked down at him.
"I don’t know, maybe he knows I like you."
"Maybe." she smiled blushing.
"You don’t believe me."
"You work for my father, that’s says it all."
"Guess I’ve lost my charming touch." he smiled.
"Smouldering eyes, whispering voice, body to bounce a pound off; I can see why you the perfect plan.’
"If-if we met in the bar,"
"We didn’t,"
"Pretend," he smiled dashingly at her.
She sighed "Why?"
"I want to know, if we met at a bar, if you didn’t know me & I didn’t know you."
"Okay," she stared into those eyes "Okay if we met at a bar & you came up to me without a cheesy line…then yeah sure, I would fuck you,’ she watched him knell over her, looming like a tower.
"But you don’t believe I like you, that I’m full of good intention." he leaned in his forehead on hers, his lips on her swollen cheek, kissing it so softly.
"I’ll never believe it." a breath caught in her throat as she felt his finger gild up her good arm. Sending shivers up & down her skin going all goosepimply.
"Nobody as good intentions right?" the lips began to go down her to her lips hovering over them.
"Nobody I’ve never met." she finally said coming up for some more air.
The fingers came up to where her shirt was open, coming to the top of her cleavage.
"Maybe, you can trust someone in your life. Maybe me."
He said brushing his full lips over & over,
"Prove it."
He gripped her lips hard & fast his hands held her face fully taking control, never before as she let anyone take control over her, she was always the one that makes the first move.
But right now she didn’t care as he moved over onto of her kissing her deeply their tongues tasting each other,
"Jesus!" he groaned, he staring down at her, she was now looking up at him her eyes round & on fire.
"You will know my dedication Xenia."
"Shut up & kiss me you idiot!" she hissed.
He smiled has his hands came in her hair.
"Yes Madam," he held her down locking her head between his large arms.
He held back not pinning so tightly with his body, purely because of her injuries, he wanted her know pleasure, not pain.
Things got faster heavier; he felt her rub against him,
He began to unbutton his shirt that showed her black bra,
"Oh my god." he gasped seeing cleavage, then seeing her black lace panties.
She tugged at his jeans with her nails as he licked & kissed around her breasts.
He straighten up & all the while watched her as he buttoned & unzipped himself then fell back on top of her, wanting to kiss her more, she put her legs up on around his waist & pushed down his jeans & pants with her feet, finally revealing his tight ass,
She gasped she felt the side of him; she watched his features, so eager. She brushed her private parts against his unclothed ones.
He grabbed her lace knickers tightly, at both ends sides tightly before tiring them from her body like some butch Miles & Boon Book.
Then everything slowed down only hearing their shallow breaths.
He loved as she rubbed against him, gripping his hands seeing his eyes flutter his body convulsed.
Then he could take it anymore plunged into her unbreakable body.
She woke at quarter past 7 in the morning, she got herself together like a thief quietly, she borrow another blue shirt & jeans not to mention a jacket leave a note saying,

You said I go when I was able,
I think last night proved that, I borrowed some clothes hope you don’t mind,
Don’t feel too hurtful, I think you knew I didn’t know the answer. Thank you for caring anyway,
Ps. Hope Lucas won’t hurt you badly; you could say I tied you up or something… I won’t mind.
Love Xenia.

New York 3 days later.
Arriving back at her apartment couldn’t be helped, she hated to go but she had to get her stuff, not just her clothes.
She walked in instantly knowing there was someone in her room; she took out her handgun from her back across her good arm.
She closed the door the same time she took the safety off.
She saw the shadow coming from the back, thanking the street light out, she dropped the bag & rolled to the redbrick pillar, the footsteps came her way slowly, she held the gun in her right hand & moved towards the edge of the pillar. Savanna walked around the pillar, her back close to has far as she could; she appeared to see the huge looking man with mask on his face.
Amateur. She smiled & aimed her gun at his head,
She put her lips together & blew a little tune he turned round with a saw-off
Very Amateurish!
She put one of her 44s in his head.
He was done hard, his leg going from under him.
She shook her head & walked over to him knocking his foot as she went close to him,
She took his mask off seeing the bulldog.
"Hello Bulldog." she said in her cockney accent
Then went searching through his pockets.
Hard boiled sweets a cell phone, piece of paper, she instantly knew the slanting handwriting.
She went through the her draws & found it,
Sly bastard, she walked back to the body only to be hear the ringing off the cell phone. She picked up & pressed the speaker,
"It’s me is it done! Marc!"
She couldn’t help but smile. No she couldn’t answer, she will leave him hang there, and she shut the phone, like she will shut out his life.

She waited 8 months getting all better, her fingers returned their feeling & her ribs cracked mended, the bruises faded & her cheekbone healed.
Think it was time to get home. He’s waited long enough.
Making sure to take the evidence with her,
But of course she couldn’t go through the normally way of the club.
She to the roof all secret agent style, dressed in black with a robe from the top, tied around the waist she went down hoping of the side of the building like spider-man/Spiderwoman.
She came to the office window, she was just about to smash her way through when the light came on, she pinned herself against the wall.
"Rats!" she muttered looking at the nosy town.
The wind picked up blowing her hair across the her face,
What the hell are you doing? She said to herself, she clinked the safely off touched it in her waist band she untied the rope around her waist at the same time, before she took one deep breath & hauled herself through the window feet first, she rolled on the floor in a perfect tumble standing up pointing the gun at the two men.
"Hello family." she said cheerfully
"What the hell!" Noah said standing up.
"Cool down father, sit," Xenia said pointing the barrel motioning to sit down.
He sat back down as the door swung open the door she pulled her other gun from the back of her waistband & turned half way pointing the gun at Reuben chest.
She looked back at her father,
"I found out my client, I’m not here for him,"
She knew the words at got through to Reuben, she didn’t need to worry.
Taking the card out of her jacket pocket
He walked over to her like a man under a spell,
"You fuck Idiot!" Lucas screamed at him
"You think she loves you!"
Rueben didn’t answer.
"You will know my dedication." he smiled
She couldn’t help but smile he took the card out looking at her with a quizzical look,
"Pass it to your boss"
He walked over & handed it to him,
"That was part of the package of nailing you, look at the nice kind note’s he provided
Noah blue eyes widen little more than usual before staring up at him.

Lucas punched his father in the face before trying to take his gun out! But Reuben got there gripping the gun too, Both struggled for it, the gun went off & hit her in the same shoulder as he did eight months ago, she went down the same time as Lucas with a broken neck did,
Reuben looked over to her sitting up applying her hand to her new gunshot wound.
He went to her & shook her head.
"Through & through,"
Noah sat down with his head in his hands.
"Take her, take her away," he said utterly broken staring down at his son’s broken body.
He picked her up yet again & walked her to a unused kitchen down the hall, all the bodyguards watched as their boss, carried the traitor/the black sheep of the family.
They didn’t ask what had happened.
He put her on a clean wooden table, he took off her coat & told her to lie down, and she did what she asked.
Groaned as he cut the black t-shirt away revealing the neat bullet wound.
"Why Monday 11:30” she said through gritted teeth
"What?" he said getting scotch, a rag & wash bowl, not to mention a needle & threat.
"Lucas wanted dad dead by Monday 11:30.”
He washed the wound with sour smelling scotch & she bucked she help but grind her teeth.
"Your father wanted to retire, make a statement to the outfit, at 12 o clock that night,"
"Ah," she said feeling the pain run away as well as the questions.
"I am doomed to spend the rest of my life fixes your bullet wounds."
"This is only the second time both shot my brother, so no I doubt it," she said again the through gritted teeth as he cleaned the wound, then he sterilized the threat & needle with more scotch.
He then made her swallow some too.
"What was you excuse, coming back to work without me,"
"I said I was leaving, retiring, your father didn’t say anymore, in fact this was my last day."
"Really?" she suppressed a smile, trying to have her voice normal as possible.
"Uh," he threats the needle through the bloody flesh.
"Fuck!" she yelled out.
"In fact I told your father, I am in love with you & if I ever saw you again, I knew I would go with you,"
She looked up at him as he concentrated on her wound in the shoulder thin lips, furrow brow.
"I knew you would never want me while working for your father?"
"Good guess," she hissed looked down at the wound, he put her head back & told her to keep still
"I guess the question is, do you see any future with a old ex solider meathead in love with hired gun." he said with his eyes sparkling, his tooth biting down on his lip, as he threaded the needle through, but this time she didn’t feel a thing only love itself.
He looked at her full of love. Seeing her smile "But we’ll have fun trying."

Mark: Noah Zavier.
Mission Cancelled.

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