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Last Wish Part 2 [ending 1]

Last Wish Part 2 [ending 1]

By SoundOblivion

Last Wish
Part 2 [ending 1]

Couple people screamed, as others started to dash out of the house. I looked around and saw no one was hurt. I gave a sigh of relief.
Suddenly, another gunshot echoed. I didn’t move. Half the guests in the house were gone. Another ¼ was running toward the door. I looked at Jake and knew he was examining where the bullet had contact with the wall. He was eyeing the hole intensively. BOOM! Another bullet cried out.
“LAY DOWN EVERYONE!” Mom instructed. People shot to the ground immediately. I lay down as well. People reached for their phones in their pockets.
“Hello? 911. We need help! There’s a shooting going on! Please help!!” cried my aunt who was next to me. She took my hand and nodded. That was her way of saying “everything is or will be absolutely fine.” She smiled, but I just couldn’t smile back. Jake lay next to me. I believe he was thinking about what was going on.
“Jake…What do you know?” I whispered. He turned his head to face me, keeping his back flat on the ground.
“The shooter is outside, and the gun used is most likely a pistol.” He answered.
“Evidence?” I said quietly.
“The edges of some paper decorations that the bullet went through are pointing inwards, and the bullet size…looks like a pistol bullet…” he said, then turned his head to face the ceiling again. I didn’t take my eyes off him. A genius at age 9. I was also told I was very smart for my age. Police sirens started to wail louder and louder. Suddenly, someone, wearing all black, ran passed the window.
So it was a doing of 1 person.
It was over. I stood up, and looked at everyone lying on the ground. I walked over to the window, closed my eyes, and hoped no one would b on the ground outside. I slowly raised my eyelids and saw a bloody mess. Some people followed my lead and stood up. Others lay still on the ground. 2 people were lying on the front steps. Eyes shut. And one of them was my other best friend. The police examined the body of Hannah, and reached for his phone. Another police opened the door and stepped in.
“Is everyone alright in here?” he asked. I stared at him, ready to follow any directions given.
“Yes, seems like no one got shot in here…but outside…” my aunt said.
“The young girl outside is still alive, amazingly, even though she was shot in the head. The woman who seems to be in her mid 20’s on the other hand, is dead.” The man said.
“Hannah’s mom!” Jake called out, taking a stand next to me.
“She was shot in the heart or the head wasn’t she?” I asked.
“Yes, the head.” the man replied.
“Oh…Will…Hannah live?” I asked. The police man turned silent. Then gave a sigh.
“The doctors will try their best, but there are no promises that the young girl will live.” He said.
“You don’t tell a 7 yr old girl that!” my mom scolded, cutting in. “And on her birthday!”
“I’m 8, Mom, not 7, and I rather know the truth then a lie.” I said.
“Smart kid you have.” The man said, and turned to get ready to help out with Hannah as the ambulance pulled up.
Jake stood still, not even trying to take a step. I continue to stare out the window, as Jake did. Hannah was hooked up to countless wires and places into the ambulance, then drove off. She will be all alone when she wakes up. No family there to hold her, to care for her. And I, I am her only friend. Hannah is very shy, and quiet, but she can find the correct answer to almost any question.
I slowly walked out past the hard wooden door, avoiding any blood. Then I continued to walk down the street and past the corner. That was when I noticed I was being followed, but I didn’t dare turn around. I turned another corner swiftly, but to find me ahead of a shadowed lane. Houses dark and vandalized. One of my worst fears. So I turned back and started to walk. I saw a man walk by slowly; dressed in all black. I also saw Jake in the distance; he smiled once he noticed I was looking. Suddenly, I was pulled against someone, and felt a gun resting on my temple.
“Move, scream, or anything, and I’ll shoot.” Said a harsh, familiar voice.
“You do realize I am only 8.’” I said. I heard the bullet load.
“Yes, I know my darling. Today was your birthday.” He replied.
“Then why?” I asked.
“I must, to support your little brother.” He answered.
“I don’t have a little brother.” I said, seeing Jake in shock, not moving. The terror in his eyes.
“You will soon, but you’ll never meet him.” He continued.
“And why not?” I asked.
“That’s enough now. Goodbye Kristine. Daddy loves you.” He said.
“Daddy?!” I cried out.
“Yes. That’s correct. Goodbye.” He answered and pulled the trigger.
“I love you Daddy.” I said at a whisper, loud enough for him to hear. Then my eyes fell shut.
The last sounds I heard was a faded ‘no’ and footsteps coming and going. I died there and then. I never figured out what Jake wished for, and I wont ever know. But, I can still watch from the open skies.
Then who’s telling you this story, eh? Heh, I’m nothing more then a faded person.
Point of this story, you ask? That’s all up to you. After all, everything is what it is.

Authors email : [email protected]
email me if ur bored, or want me to change sumthin in this story :D


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15 Jul, 2010
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