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Last Wish

Last Wish

By SoundOblivion

Last Wish
Part 1

Heard of love? Everyone has. You fall in, then out. You cry over it, you laugh, you dream, and you hope. Hope he or she is the one. Correct? If that’s the case, let’s begin, shall we?

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTINE!” Everyone shouted, as I blew out my candles. My 8th birthday. I got the first slice of my ice cream cake. Since my birthday is every four years. That’s right. February 29. Sometimes I wish I had a different birthday.
I walked over to my swing set, and sat down, and started to think. Just an hour ago, we did the same thing for Jake.
“Hey, Kristine?” someone said from behind, cutting off my thoughts. I turned to face the familiar voice. Jake. He’s exactly a year and a day older then I am. This was kind of his party too. We were best friends, having our parents being best friends, and having a close birthday. I admit, I liked him.
“Yea?” I replied.
“Happy Birthday.” He said. I smiled shyly. He sat down on the swing right next to me.
“Thank you. You too.” I said.
“Thanks. So what was your wish?” He continued.
“I can’t tell you. Remember? If I do, it won’t come true.” I replied cleverly.
“Hah…right.” He answered. “But I’ll still tell you mine.” I instantly looked up at him. He stared back, and said “Don’t give me that look! I’ll tell you a little story of why I would tell you. Ready?” I nodded, and replied…
“Yes! Go go go!”
“Okay. Once there was a young prince. He had everything he could possible have, but yet, he wasn’t happy. Do you know why?” he asked.
I shook my head vigorously. He smiled, then continued.
“He didn’t have love. So every night, he stared out his window, hoping to see a shooting star, and make that wish. Then, one night, a shooting star zoomed by, and the prince whispered ‘I wish happiness to me.’ Then went to bed. The next day, he saw his best friend, and told him about how the shooting star didn’t work. His friend replied by saying ‘give it some time, what did you wish for anyways?’ and just like that, the prince told him. Since he was his best friend. Then, the prince’s best friend had to go home. When the prince woke up the next day, he noticed he was in worn out clothes. He was laying on a hard, cold, wooden bed with just a piece of cloth as a blanket. He looked around, not knowing what to do. So he stood up, and started to look around. He looked out a window, and saw a girl working in a field. He ran around the house, looking for an exit, once he got out, he walked up to the girl. She was young, and beautiful. He stared at her for just a second. She automatically looked into his eyes, then smiled. And so, the prince knew he found his happiness. Even though he was now in a poor family, he found his happiness.”
I continued to stare at him, trying to think everything through.
“so what you’re saying is, it’s okay to tell best friends their wishes because they would still come true?” I asked. He laughed.
“Yeah, I guess that’s one way you could put it.” He answered.
“Okay, so what was your wish?” I asked excitedly.
“Heh…don’t think I would tell you just like that.” He replied. I gave him a questioning look, as he smiled back. “I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours. Deal?”
“Never!!!!!!” I shouted.
“Then I guess you won’t know mine!” he said. I gasped in horror, as he laughed. “come on, deal?”
“Hmm, okay. Deal.” I said, sticking out my pinky.
“whats the pinkey promise for?” He asked.
“you cant tell anyone. okay?” I said.
“okay” He replied. We hooked pinkies and shook it.
“You first!” I said. He laughed, but nodded.
“My wish was to- wait…you tell me yours first.” He said. I looked at him as if there was just a car crash right in front of his face. “Go on.” He said.
“okay then! My wish…was…to be friends with you forever…” I said, mumbling the ‘to be friends with you forever’
“what was that?” Jake asked.
“I wished for us to be friends forever.” I repeated, clearly this time.
“I wished for-“
“Come on kids! It’s time for Jake and Kristine to open their presents!” Mom called out. Everyone started running in.
“You planned this!” I said, standing up, mad at Jake.
“I didn’t! I’ll tell you later. Okay? Don’t be mad at me.” He replied, with sad sparkling eyes.
“okay…” I said. He took my hand and guided me into my house. He didn’t need to; I knew where everything was of course. I guess he just wanted to. So I let him. Once we reached the living room, the adults let us through to the center of the attention. We both picked up our own first present. I unwrapped mine. And saw the cutest little stuffed animal in my life. A little panda, just big enough for me to hug. I automatically took it out of the box and squeezed it as hard as I could. Jake unwrapped his, and got a blue and black watch. He unboxed it, and put it on. We went through all our presents with in 20 minutes. The giant mountain of presents was down to 2. I grabbed the last one with my name on it, as Jake grabbed his. It was a bracelet, with 4 loose charm in a small plastic, clear bag on the side, where I could hook it onto the bracelet on my own. But under the small portion of bubble wrap was a necklace. Half a star with the word ‘best’ on it. I looked at Jake; he held up a chain with the other half of the star on it that read ‘buddehs’. I smiled. He unwrapped my big present to him and slowly held it up in awe, an acoustic guitar. I smiled. I had one of my own. Mine, of course, was customized. It was fully purple, except for the bottom front, there were glow in the dark stars laid. Jake’s was all black, edges silver. My aunt came running in from the hall and handed me my guitar. I started to play a soft melody and Jake jumped in, harmonizing. Everyone was quiet, till a thunderous gunshot shattered the silence.

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14 Jun, 2010
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5 mins
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