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last words

last words

By tigerliliy

When I first met him I was in 6th grade. I was standing on the deck at my school when he walked up to his class room. He was in the grade above me. He walked past me during recess to his class room and gave me a half smle that still makes me melt inside. I saw him a few times that day but only for short periods of time.
The nextday at school i saw him. i smiled and he smiled back then i finally asked one of my freinds what his name was, they said it was Yotahm. When i finally got the nerve to talk to him he just looked at me like i was insane. We hated each other for our middle school years, he ruined my first dance and he called me "fatty".
When he graduated we started texting each other. We became very good freinds after a while but i started dating this guy named Forrest. After my birthday Forrest broke up with me. Yotahm found out and made me feel alot better he invited me to go with him to the moutains for the day but my mom and dad hate him so they said no.

A few days later their was a concert he was going to i was going to... we hung out at it. I still having feelings for Forrest invited him. My other friend Crystal was there as well. In the beging Yotahm and i wher standing together when Forrest and Cystal wher flirting alot. " How much you wanna bet their gunna kiss tonight?" i has wisperd to Yotahm. He laughed. At the endof the night he pulled me asaid and told me he had feelings for me. We went outside and we sat under the stars and just talked, laughed we where happy. That was when he kissed me.

We dated for 7 month after that, i would sneak out tosee him and we would just love and cherish every moment we had togehter. In the last month we barly talked and i new the relationship was comeing to an end. Finally it did 11 days after our 7 month aneversary. It broke my heart. We dint talk for 5 months then he calledme one night. I was so happy. We ended up talking about having sex.

About a month later i called him and told him we couldnt because i was still inlove with him and it would brake my heart. They last words he said to me befor he hung up the phone where " Ok, Fuck you. Chow"

Those are the last words the love of my life ever said to me. And thse will always stay in my heart.

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6 Nov, 2013
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2 mins
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