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Late Night Conversations Lead to Complications

Late Night Conversations Lead to Complications

By Kiraa

"It seems like lately you're not the same person that you used to be, we're not the same us that we used to be. I don't mean to put a time table on it, becuase in reality it could have been changing before this and I was just blinded by the way I felt about you, but ever since that Friday I feel like you don't act the same around me. We run out of things to say. Prior to this time, from what I could tell, we never ran out of things to say, and now we have. It seems like you're not as interested in me as you used to be, or maybe just not interested at all anymore. It seemed like you felt like you had to explain yourself more than you had before, and you don't. It seemed like you wanted more than what I was giving you, so you went and found it with someone else. I believe that you meant everything you said to me at the beginning, but somewhere lately, you started saying things just because of the routine. It seemes like I'm just someone you hang out with now when you have time, or when you have nothing else to do, when you didn't have a better option."

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16 May, 2016
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