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A leap of faith
A leap of faith

A leap of faith

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Waves press down on the shores below

Holding my breath I look to the other side

Such a far jump that I could practically die

Using all I have I make the leap

Then I slip, I fall

To the sorrowful beat

Falling I scream to the travelers above

Flying past the rocks and the encrusted sand

Watching as the waves roll on by

I fall into their grasping grip

There I flail and wave my hands

Drifting further away from the dry beach sand.

Pulling me under I start to sink

My hands the last to sink

Sliping I give into the waves

Helplessly calling and praising His name.

The air around me starts to fade

My last wish is to leave with praise

Then with a firm hand, I'm pulled up above

People around me surround me with hugs

Loving arms embrace me

Helping me every step of the way

Holding my breath I arrive again to the cliff that was almost my end

With much more power I stiffen my foot

Jumping I fly through the air

landing safely on the other sides breathtaking air

Then with every step of the way

I press forward with much more faith

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8 Apr, 2019
Read Time
1 min
4.5 (2 reviews)

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