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Learn to Be Senstive
Learn to Be Senstive

Learn to Be Senstive

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look bro

i know

i never told you what was going on with me

but inside i was seething

when you were talking crap

"teenage girls never have mental illness

they just want attention"

"Most people who say they have anxiety and depression are faking for attention"

that is not how is.

well guess what

im a teenage girl

who struggles with depression

and is trying to learn to not shut everyone out

that its okay to open up

be vulnerable

to say "i struggle with depression."

the thing you don't realize

is that depression isn't for attention

we don't want to tell people

we want people to notice us and not at the same time

we perfect our masks so no one sees

the pain

the darkness we live in

just cause i smile and laugh

doesn't mean everything's fine

cause, bro

have you ever wanted to die?

but you know you can't kill yourself

cause you can't do that to your already grieving family

cause you're scared you might go to hell

so you just hope that a car hits you

or something like that

have you ever had to make a list

of reasons why you should live

to motivate yourself

and it took you a painfully long time to find ten

have you ever been unable to do something

because every time you tried, you were mentally paralyzed

enormously overwhelmed

having panic attacks

and hiding this from everyone


trying to connect to a mental health helpline chat not because you were about to shoot, but just because you wanted to die

and wait for an hour

and no one gets connected

and then mom comes home

and you have to pretend you weren't just having a panic attack

and then after a while, it starts to get somewhat better

but just when you think things are fine

anxiety comes back

the darkness comes out

and you're just thinking

everyone hates me

im an awful person and an awful friend

no one actually wants to be my friend

im always on the outside

then its time for dinner

and you wipe your tears away

and try to pretend everything's fine

but they can tell it's not

and so they push

and push

and push

cause they really don't understand when you just want to be left alone

Have you experienced that?

Cause that's my life

And it has been for almost a year

So don't say mental illness is for attention

It's not.

Talk to dad

Talk to me

And you'll see how it really is.

And you need to learn to be sensitive

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15 Aug, 2022
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2 mins
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