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Leaving Gilead

Leaving Gilead

By 10007868

I found myself in the infamous "republic of Gilead ''. Known for its violence, hatred and injustice towards women. Everything from Violence to Prostitution in this place. Rebelion is big as well. The Rebelious Lesbian named Moira. Fleeing to canada out of desperation to get out of these horrible conditions, of course we haven't heard from her yet.

However, living as a handmaid is difficult. I had wondered if this was my destiny. If this is what was intended for women and what was intended for the world. Am I just property? I am being drafted into war. The red uniform, God, it's getting old.

I am an object, my body being used by the state. The purity of my wings and the purity of my thoughts. The costumes remind me of animals. Livestock to be specific. Having our names taken, ability to even read. Living in these conditions as if we are going back into time.

Lies become a truth and Truth becomes the lies. My friend Lydia says. Saying she is living in a state of privilege. How blinded. Everything has shifted. Everyone longing for the freedom of speech but now yearning for even just a whisper.

I have been caught. I can't hide from the crime I have commited. Feelings of serenity, nostalgia causing catharsis. I thought I was alone. I am tired of keeping silent. I want to end this. I get into the van with the double doors. I have no idea what will happen next. Escaping from this prison. Not Knowing if this is the end of a nightmare or the beginning of it. I get into the van with the white double doors.

leaving Gilead in totalitarian state, Goodbye.

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30 Mar, 2022
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1 min
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