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Leaving You Pt.1
Leaving You Pt.1

Leaving You Pt.1

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I opened my eyes, the bright light coming from my window blinded me. I covered my face with my grey and white blanket. It smelled nice, it smelled like home. I wanted to stay under here forever. But I knew I wouldn't be left alone for long because my brother came rushing into my room like a bulldog.
- Get up Lillia! You gonna make us late again!
- Leave me alone Jonas! I responded annoyed.
I got up, got dressed and sprinted downstairs. My mom was there like every day, on her computer doing work. I ate fast and went back up. Before I had time to breathe my mom called me back down.
- Jen is here!
I run downstairs. Jen is the only person that understands me, she comforts me when I need support and we had amazing moments together. Her real name is Jennifer but nobody calls her by that name except for Mr. Rocher our sports teacher. I climbed into her car. Last year we both had our driver license and she had a brand new car so now we do carpool. Our days were always the same: work, lunch, work, more work and then we would hang out after school. But today felt different, she was distant as if there was a wall between us two. It was ok though because I had so much work that I barely noticed it. I walked home alone today, Jen had something planned last minute and my brother is hanging out with some friends. The wind in my hair felt good as if I could feel the first breeze of spring.
My mom was home but weirdly she didn't have that warm smile, she seemed puzzled. I put down my backpack next to the lunch table and started to read. Then, my mother looked at me and said
-Hi honey. I have something to tell you.
I didn't have time to respond that she was talking again
- You know, your dad called me today. He got a new job.
- Cool. Where is it? I said while eating one of the cookies my mom baked.
- Paris.

Author Notes: I hope you liked the story! There would be another part!

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22 Mar, 2019
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1 min
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