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Leaving You Pt2
Leaving You Pt2

Leaving You Pt2

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My mom was home but weirdly she didn't have that warm smile, she seemed puzzled. I put down my backpack next to the lunch table and started to read. Then, my mother looked at me and said
-Hi honey. I have something to tell you.
I didn't have time to respond that she was talking again
- You know, your dad called me today. He got a new job.
- Cool. Where is it? I said while eating one of the cookies that my mom baked.
- Paris.

All of a sudden everything stopped for a second. Time stood still. Paris, from all of the places near here he chose Paris. I thought of Jen, she who stood with me through everything. I wanted her to be with me right now, hugging me and never letting me go. I just couldn't go away from her, not again.
The next few days were blurry. I tried to talk to Jen but she was occupied, she was always occupied these days.
I was wondering around school like a ghost; I didn't want to start crying. I don't remember half of the day, all I can think about is how, why you did that to me. I can still see your friend's faces looking at me like I was the bottom of their shoe. I don't know what I did wrong, maybe I didn't dress well enough or I didn't use the right words. I know I shouldn't cry over what happened earlier, but here I am now wandering around the school. Then I see Chris leaning against the wall. Chris is a boy in my class, he is mostly shy, so I don't know him very well. You can consider him one of the "popular boys" even though there is something about him that is different. Jen always had a crush on him, I mean when we still talked. I was going to turn around when he catches my arm.
-Hey, he says what's up?
I don't know why but my heart flutters in my chest.
-Hey, I say sounding more stupid than ever.
We hung out that recess, we talked about everything and anything except he never asked me why I cried which I appreciated a lot.
From there our friendship grew, we hanged out almost every recess. One day, we were sitting on the lunch tables in the sun when I asked him the question that I was dying to ask him for days now...

Author Notes: I hope you liked it! I will do a part 3 soon.

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11 Apr, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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