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Legend of Hellington Oury- Chapter 2
Legend of Hellington Oury- Chapter 2

Legend of Hellington Oury- Chapter 2




Kelly, a blue-eyed, blond-haired girl has a history within her, sure everyone does but hers is something you want to know.

Once there was a village called Clementine’s Arc, this was where Kelly’s parents, Mr. David and Mrs. Eliana Castleclaire lived. They lived in a small and cozy little cottage. David worked for a wealthy man as a chauffeur and he got paid very little. A few months later on November 29th, Eliana got blessed with a child, they named her Kelly. One day David’s boss increased his payment by 80% which was when he decided they would change into a bigger and better house which David’s superior had given. The next day Mr. and Mrs. Castleclaire went to take a look at the new house which was in another village called Hellington Oury which was near Camsillon city (the city where Kelly is living in the present).

The couple who lived next to their new house were the ones who showed them around their new house. David was quite pleased with his new house. It was a gorgeous house with a red roof and bright white walls. It was just perfect with upstairs, a basement and even a garage. But there was one thing about the front yard of the house that David felt like it spoiled the house’s beauty. It was an obnoxious, rusted and tall statue. It had red eyes and wore a black cloak that covered everything and it also carried an ominous pickaxe. David enquired the couple:

“Why has nobody perturbed to get rid of this useless and ugly….thing?”

“Well……..uh...…it’s not something you can just get RID of!” replied the lady.

“Well, why ever not?” asked Eliana.

“Uh….you see….there is a legend about this statue which this whole village knows and dreads as well” continued the lady.

“Oh really?! And what would that be now?” Asked David, nonchalantly.

“It’s nothing to be laughed at,” said the lady in a rather grave tone.

“Legend has it that this statue is cursed” continued the lady “Anyone who dares to destroy it or try to get rid of it will be cursed with bad luck, it could be bad luck forever or just immediate death.”

“Wow, now that’s something we can believe,” said David, grinning.

“Okay………..that’s a wonderful story but we were serious,” said Eliana, nodding.

“Ma’am I was serious,” said the lady, aggravated. “Everyone in this village knows and fears this legend.”

“I know, you already told us that,” said Eliana.

“I don’t care about your silly and juvenile beliefs, I want this statue gone, once and for all,” said David sternly.

“Well if that’s what you want we will not be a part of your disposition,” said the lady, dropping her tone into a scornful one.

“It’s completely fine with me, I’ll just get someone else to do it for me,” said David casually.

“I don’t think ANYONE and I mean ANYONE in this village will help you with that,” said the lady, hardheartedly.

“I DON’T CARE,” said, David. “I can do it myself,” he said.

“Hugh……..I guess you will find out the hard way” said the lady, leaving.

At dinner:

“Honey, it sure did sound like that lady was being frank,” said Eliana.

David looked up from his plate and looked at Eliana with a bewildered look.

“Ellie, are you serious?” he asked

“Look, Dave, I don’t want to disappoint you but………..can’t you at least think about it first,” she asked affectionately.

“Ellie, I am going to destroy that thing no matter what anyone says,” he said, as he got up and left.

Eliana was disappointed as well as scared. She had an eerie feeling about that statue.

The next morning, at breakfast:

“Good morning Ellie,” said David as he walked in.

“Kelly awake yet?” he asked

“Of course not,” said Eliana beaming, also wondering if he had forgotten about the statue.

“Get breakfast ready soon I have to finish that statue,” he said

‘Oh darn’ thought Eliana

Of course Dave” she said, miserably.

After breakfast, David washed up and headed upstairs a few minutes later he came back with an ax. Little Kelly was awake and was playing by the doorstep on her play mat.

A minute later David went out into the garden.

Eliana didn’t try to stop him because she knew it wouldn’t help.

She stood there washing the dishes, distracted. She stopped washing the dishes, dried her hands and just stood there in sheer silence broken by the sound of the ax finishing the statue, for another moment it was silent again, you could hear a pin drop, and then she heard a chilling scream which at once she knew belonged to David. She ran towards the front door her heart beating and her thoughts running. She opened the front door and there lying on the green grass was David, neck slashed, blood oozing from his hands and the ax lying next to him. She let out a sorrowful cry. Tears flooded down her cheeks she looked up and saw the statue walking towards her with a pickaxe held forward and ready. She looked into its red glowing eyes with horror and then it SLASHED her head with the pickaxe and it whispered “I’ll get the other one later” in a hoarse voice which would give anyone the chills. It then disappeared in a flash of red. Eliana felt her world blurring and her vision distorting. Before Eliana closed her eyes forever, she heard the wailing of her sweetheart, Kelly.

The next day the cops were at the scene. Everyone knew what happened and the couple next door were being questioned about the incident, seems that the statue had disappeared from the spot where it was.

The funeral was the next morning. The Alikson's were great friends of the Castleclaire’s. They had a daughter, Alondra who was the same age as Kelly. Kelly’s parent’s death meant that there was no one for Kelly which was why the Alikson’s decided to adopt her. 2005, December 22nd was the day they died

Mrs. Alice took care of Kelly as her own. And so did Mr. Jacob.

Jacob was a scientist and Alice was a professor.

Alondra and Kelly got along very well, Alondra had red hair and brown eyes like her mom. Soon Kelly grew up to be a bold, beautiful girl. She was the adventurous kind with a bubbly personality

To this day Mr. and Mrs. Alikson hadn’t yet told Kelly or Alondra the truth. Outside everyone knew but the two girls didn’t, Mr. and Mrs. Alikson planned to tell them, someday they would. Alondra and Kelly were told they were fraternal twins. But they still asked how fraternal twins could have different hair and eyes. Or not have anything in common.

But soon they stopped thinking about it.

Author Notes: please comment and rate. do support. please let me know if you liked it, any suggestions are always welcome!

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20 Aug, 2019
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