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Legend of Hellington Oury- Chapter 3
Legend of Hellington Oury- Chapter 3

Legend of Hellington Oury- Chapter 3




They soon met at their favorite park- Green Meadow. They visited the same park from a very young age. They haven’t been to the park in a while, it felt good to be back.

They were walking in search of a good picnic spot, Kelly was lagging admiring toddlers in the park and as she was she came up to a statue, it was an obnoxious, rusted and tall statue. It had red eyes and wore a black cloak that covered everything and it also carried an ominous pickaxe. The others felt it odd and kept walking, but Kelly stopped and stared like she knew what it was, somewhere before she had seen it…………..

The rest of them kept walking, unaware that Kelly had stopped.

As they were walking:

“I’m so glad we all get to spend summer together,” said Alondra

“Me too” agreed on Jason

Alondra was about to tell Kelly something which was when she realized Kelly wasn’t with them.

“Hey, where’s Kelly?”

Jason and Nate turned around, they all looked at each other when they heard an alarming scream!

“Guys, I am pretty sure that belongs to Kelly,” said Alondra, frightened.

They ran towards the scream and saw the rusted-old statue which had come to life was aiming its pickaxe right at Kelly who was lying flat on the ground.

Hearing shouts of people the statue had vanished into thin air. Kelly got up, frightened, her face flushing red and eyes filled with tears. Alondra hugged her tight and asked: “are you okay?”

“Yeah, I think so” answered Kelly.

They headed home after that.


“So girls, how was your picnic?” queried Jacob at dinner.

He looked at Kelly, she shrugged. Jacob and Alice exchanged glances, not seeing Kelly’s usual bubbly personality they felt something was off. They looked at Alondra who was lost in thoughts.

That night Kelly couldn’t sleep, her mind raced with thoughts, and it wasn’t at all a peaceful night for her. It was raining outside, she looked out the window and got a glimpse of the Statue. Her heart leaped, she tried hard to forget it but the horrifying picture stayed within her.

Next morning Mr. and Mrs. Alikson left for work early. Kelly came down for breakfast, Alondra was in the kitchen, looking out the window, drinking a cappuccino.

“Good morning,” said Kelly.

“Good morning Kelly,” said Alondra turning around. She smiled at Kelly, Kelly smiled back unable to keep away the fear from showing on her face. Alondra seemed to understand quite easily that she was disturbed.

“Kelly, there is no point in worrying over silly things, honestly this is stupid of you”.

Silly?” thought Kelly. But she was ready to let it pass. Maybe she was being pathetic. Kelly smiled and said, “ you’re right.”

Kelly ripped open a new cereal box and as she put in the cereal she got a cereal gift.

“Lucky you,” said Alondra

Kelly smirked as she opened the wrapper, she almost let out a cry when she saw what was in it, it was a note, written in a very murky scrawl was ‘you are next’. Kelly looked horrified. Alondra looked at the note skeptically and said “lame prizes these days” and went upstairs.

Kelly stared after her mixed up. But she had thought to look on the bright side of things so she tried to think that this was some prank her friends had cooked up.

Later that evening Alondra and Kelly decided to go to the mall for some shopping. The girls simply adored shopping.

to be continued

Author Notes: please let me know what you think, your reviews mean a lot!

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29 Aug, 2019
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