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Legend of Hellington Oury- Chapter 4
Legend of Hellington Oury- Chapter 4

Legend of Hellington Oury- Chapter 4




The girls shopped for quite a lot of clothes, there were new winter arrivals since November had begun. They chitchatted and giggled, they passed Toy Planet (a shop) and as they did Kelly sensed they were being watched, she turned and saw nothing but a doll on the display case of Toy Planet caught her eye, she stopped and Alondra did too. Alondra followed Kelly’s gaze and saw her eyes fixed on the doll.

“Ohm….does wittle Kelly want a dolly to play with?!” asked Alondra playfully in an annoying high-pitched voice.

“Oh shut up, silly,” said Kelly chuckling.

“Although it does look pretty” approved Alondra

“Let’s get a closer look,” said Kelly as they went in.

It was a subtle porcelain doll with a round, elusive face. Its red eyes shone beautifully and it had auburn hair. It wore a black dress with a red bow around its waist. It had bright red shoes and a red hair bow. Its tag read ‘Gabrielle’.

Kelly loved how the doll looked, just as she wondered about its price a man behind her said “150$ mam”

Kelly turned around eyes widened “that’s an awful lot of money for a mere doll”. Kelly hid her amazement of how the salesman knew what she was about to ask even before she did.

The salesman looked as if he was in his mid-twenties, he had pale skin and dainty blonde hair. His name tag read ‘Roger’

“Oh no no no, this is not an ordinary doll mam………this doll has more of a history than you think, one that you would not hear every day”

“Oh really, and what would that be?” asked Kelly smirking.

“Alas, I cannot tell you that mam.”

“Why ever not?” asked Kelly, her smile dwindling.

“Oh well……let’s just say…..I am not permitted to.” Said Roger uncertainly.

Kelly shifted her gaze and said “okay then we will be leav……-

Roger interrupted “but mam….you seem different,” he said he locked his eyes with Kelly’s and continued “which is why I will give you this doll for 45$!”

“Why,” asked Alondra

Roger pretended he didn’t hear her and asked in a low, whispering voice “so, what do you say Kelly?”

Kelly looked at Alondra, then said “okay, we’ll take it”

“Perfect,” remarked Roger, as he took the doll to the counter.

Author Notes: please let me know what you think! <3

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31 Aug, 2019
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