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Legend of Hellington Oury- Chapter 5
Legend of Hellington Oury- Chapter 5

Legend of Hellington Oury- Chapter 5




“Did you feel something stroppy about that guy, Roger?” asked Alondra.

“What do you mean? Asked Kelly.

“oh, I don’t know, like something strange. I mean, who would give an ancient, antique doll for just 50$?”

“oh Alondra, that’s just luck. And anyway, how do you know it's ancient and antique?”

“I read something online about a doll named Gabrielle, and that’s not the astounding thing about it”

“then what is?”

“It was an article from an old newspaper, I’ll show it to you when we get home,” said Alondra.

“Okay, if you say so”.

At home, Alondra and Kelly sat down on the couch. Alondra grabbed her i-pad from her bedroom and showed Kelly the article.

Kelly read:

‘The antique doll, Gabrielle is one of the ancient conserved dolls of our age. This doll was found in the house of the Casleclaire’s after their very tragic and mysterious death which took place in 2005, December 4.

The Castleclaire’s young child who was only four days old at the time was found on the doorstep, wailing with Gabrielle beside her. The name Gabrielle was carved on the wall of the Castleclaire residence below which the small child sat.

Below is the photo of the Castleclaire before their demise.’

Kelly saw a couple. The man had brown hair and striking blue eyes. He was very handsome. The lady had blonde hair and brown eyes. She too was very beautiful.

For a minute Kelly had fallen in deep with the photograph. Alondra coughed. Kelly immediately snapped out of it. She looked at Alondra and said: “ This is just a lot of junk which only a fool would believe! You believe this?”

Alondra looked startled for a while. For a brief moment it there was utter silence then Alondra spoke: “ first of all, why do you have to hit the ceiling about it, I never said I believed it. But I have heard about the Castleclaire family.”

“look I’m just saying there could be a lot of dolls named Gabrielle out there so this is just some sort of coincidence.” Replied Kelly calming down.

Author Notes: please let me now what you think. your feedbacks are valuable to me.

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3 Sep, 2019
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