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Legend of the Golden Ship

Legend of the Golden Ship

By vincent

Legend holds that the inhabitants of the island of Travidos had been trapped on their island since the beginning of time. The island was bounded on all sides by a sea of fire in which many powerful ships had been consumed in their efforts at escape.

Each day the increasingly desperate people of Travidos watched the fiery sea swallow a little more of their land. Many acknowledged the fact that one day the fiery sea would completely consume them, although some still deluded themselves by believing it would never happen.

It had been passed down from generation to generation that the only place of permanent safety for them was the Floating City at the end of the flaming sea. Only by one ship could the Floating City be gained and that ship was the golden ship.

The Floating City and the golden ship were regarded as myths in Travidos, but there were some people that declared that the floating city truly existed. They said that the tickets for the golden ship was presently been shared for free by the ship's captain because they were very expensive and - as the captain said - all the wealth of Travidos couldn't buy even one ticket. This group called themselves the 'People of the Floating City' and urged anyone they came across to go and get a ticket. To get a ticket one only needed to spend the night in the garden close to the shore and while he slept, the captain would thrust the gold paper in his hands. Some of the towns people listened and went to get their tickets. They always returned bearing evidence of that sense of profound peace peculiar to the people of the Floating City. Others dismissed the exhortations and declared that the whole thing was a hoax.

Late one afternoon a storm began at the sea. Then the storm became so terrible that the fiery waves of the sea rose higher than Mount Cef, the tallest mountain which stood in the middle of Travidos.

Such a disaster had never occured before. The terrified people watched in despair as the sea swallowed land at a furious pace.

'To Mount Cef!' they cried and ran up the mountain. By the time they got to the very top of Mount Cef, even the strongest among them had begun to weep in despair for there was no more land in every direction they looked. The raging sea had swallowed up everything and then it had begun to rise.

While they were all weeping in despair they suddenly spied a ship approaching them, gliding through the tempest like on any other calm day. Then the people of the Floating City began to scream with joy for they recognized that it was the captain of the golden ship coming to their rescue as promised.

When the golden ship stopped close to the mountain, those of the people who had recieved the free tickets suddenly - miracously - found themselves aboard the ship.

Those who saw they were about to be left behind began to cry out to the captain for mercy, but he only wept and told them he had no more tickets for them and that though he really wished to, he could not admit them to the ship without tickets. Weeping still for those left behind, he turned the ship around and set sail for the Floating City with those he called blessed.

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12 Jul, 2014
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