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Lenny & The Mini Genie
Lenny & The Mini Genie

Lenny & The Mini Genie

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

Have you heard the skinny on Lenny Mangini?
This fellow dreamed of a yellow Lamborghini
And the good life of more, much and plenty
But Lenny's pockets lacked any profits or pennies.

Plagued by malaise and chronic sickness,
Two failed marriages and a bankrupt business.

Always on the lookout for a bargain,
Lenny liked to visit the flea market.
He bought himself a like-new parka.

One day he felt something in the pocket.
Inside he discovered a shiny golden object -
A special lighter with, let's say, a special effect.

Lenny made an attempt to ignite it
But only sparks - Lenny couldn't light it.

"Just my luck," he said, "the thing is a dud."
So he chucked it into the trash with a thud.

"Wait a minute," he thought, "it's made of gold.
How much moolah for me if the thing is sold?"

Then the wastebasket began to shake and gyrate
As the lighter within began to buzz and vibrate.

Suddenly the thing is flying toward his head.
Fortunately Lenny catches it instead.

His nervous hands struggled to hold it.
Still he felt compelled to give it a flick.

Up came the flame - exceptionally warm.
Somehow and someway - it morphed into a form.

"What in the world?," asked an upended Lenny
As he stared and glared at a bona fide genie.
You know, like Aladdin or I Dream of Jeannie -
Only this genie was teeny like a mini Houdini.

But before Lenny can make any wishes
This apparition drops some serious wisdom:

"Would you believe I received this gig
To do away with the myth of the big?

Not all genies live in bottles and lamps.
I can help you, Lenny, become a champ.

I realize you're surprised by my size
But it really doesn't count.
All your wishes can be granted -
No matter the amount.

The joy you can enjoy is unlimited
Flowing and ongoing to ad infinitum
If you can only grasp the definitive
Impact of the small and diminutive.

It is a shame and a pity
That all over this city
People tend to miss the
Power of the itty-bitty.

It would be truly tragic
If you should miss the magic.

Little victories
Make history.

Simple chores
Win wars.

Modest principles
Work miracles.

You can sometimes go the extra mile
On the wheels of a single smile.

You will find help
In each small step.

Tiny tweaks are shiny seeds.
Daily deeds lead you to succeed.

Big doors swing on small hinges.
Progress is processed in inches.

When your goals are a no-show
And your big ideas a no-go
Shrink down to the micro.

When it seems impossible,
And it appears there's no way,
Think it not improbable -
You're only a tweak or two away.

This will blow your mind -
Take heed to the small
And you will surely find
You don't need me at all.

If you transition from wishin' to decision,
There'll be no need for any genie or magician."

So ends the skinny on Lenny Mangini
And the day he met a mini genie
Who made Lenny much wiser
By the quick flick of a lighter.

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
28 Jan, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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