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let her go....

let her go....

By VelmaGoggles

his eyes were followed by large bags his face worn out.
now all he wanted was to see his darling wife.
he looked up at the large brass door knocker and smiled even though he would be alone the statue of his wife that towered over him was all the company this young man needed. He felt the key turn in his hand but was not to be greeted by his darling wife but by his young daughter. Daddy i picked you a rose she said a smile as sweet as sugar, but "Daddy' was not impressed and replied rejectingley
"oh darling i have millions of dollars and every dollar could buy me a rose whats so special about that one."
the daughter stepped back at her fathers comment and raising an eyebrow said "i stole it."
"you stole it?" the highwayman laughed in pity. "yes." replied the daughter looking as thought she was about to crack.
"okay then" said the father stroking the rose petals "where did you steal it from"
"crams garden"
the father stopped then realised she was serious he looked at the rose , long , thin, spikes all over the stalk. petals black and withered.He glared out of the window at crams garden but there, iscolated int the middle was a single stalk where the rose had been taken
the statue of his wife stood in the corner of the room
"sweetie why are you in here"
"daddy,i found this in your room"
she looked at the statue, she had never known her mother but always suspected her father had never let her go
"she told me to take it, dad?"
"yes deer?".
"let her go......"

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8 Dec, 2011
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1 min
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