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Let me Introduce Myself

Let me Introduce Myself

By NightwalkerHarley

Hi there, my name is Harley. I wish I could make this a long introduction, but I know I can't.

I am an eighteen year old boy, completely lost in darkness. I prefer the night to the day. I like really loud music perferably heavy metal or hard rock. I get annoyed by everyone real easily. The other people that I will waste my time with are my friends that took the time to get to know me. I always am either alone in my bedroom or playing on my Xbox. I have yet to find love and there is to be any proof of it. I guess reveling in the darkness ever since I found it changed me. I used to be a nice kid, but now I'm rash, sarcastic, and synical to everyone around me. I have attempted suicide before only to be "saved" right before death. They tore me away from the one thing I wanted so badly. I have dark inner thoughts that plague me wherever I go. With my demons I am a pain, but when I'm ticked off I am someone else completely. When I'm mad I find myself wanting blood, not just to see it either, for some reason.

I want to put out a new story every week but I doubt for that deadline.

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26 Jun, 2011

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