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let me tell you a story

let me tell you a story

By sweetmoon

I guess it was the end of may when i saw her die. Her name was moon and she was from japan, my name is pie and i was born in korea. We met two years before her death. But how lets go back time.

I met her on octuber 14 2008. Right in junior year at high school. She was the new girl at school and she had no one to hang out and ofcourse i had to go hang out with her since i was a nice person. well, i used to be. Moon was cute, she had this long hair that touch the ground and this green sweet eyes that told you "love me". I did. i fall in love with her.

Two years we hang out together, eat together and sleep together. MAy 29 she die.
we were sleeping in our room as always until she suddently woke me up. "pie, i need my medicine i forgot to buy them this morning..i need them now!' she yell. i was to tired to wake up in the middle of the night. Oh yeah, moon had this medicine to hold her heart pain, if she didnt take it,: she could die.

"Please pie, come with me" she yell againg, i push her away and ignore her tears. May 30 i woke up, i saw moon on her bed. her eyes close, with a rose and a letter on her hand. i was woundering why she had them, so i toke them away from her hand trying not to wake her up. "how i wish you would love me back, enough to save my life" thats what the letter said

"MOON!!' i yell as i realize, that girl who i once love was soon dead. i gave her a kiss on the lips and fall sleep next to her, wishing it was all a dream.

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22 Dec, 2010
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