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A Letter For You
A Letter For You

A Letter For You


"I don't know. The first day I saw you, I knew that you were that guy. That guy that every single girl loved. I mean who wouldn't fall in love with you. I thought I would be the one girl who wouldn't fall in love with you and that that drive you crazy because I wanted to be the girl who made you go insane. The only girl that you ever loved. I wanted a fairytale romance. And I wanted you to be my prince. -you're laughing right now, your beautiful laugh, in the corner with all of your friends while I'm writing you a letter, one that you'll never see.-"

"At first I thought that I could never fall in love with you, but oh god how I fell. My constant mocks and quick remarks, insults that I felt bad about later on; that is how it started. Your dorky smile every time that I said something mean and the way you'd make eye contact that seemed to last for years. The way you stood in front of me knowing all too well that you were too tall and too fast for me to move around you. The way that everything seemed so unreal around you. -I glance towards you to see your dorky smile and I ended up with one of my own; you were looking at me too. It's like your eyes fell in mine and mine in yours, we were stuck in each other, in our own little world; our own void. I could see literal galaxies in your eyes as they shifted away from mine-"

"I knew though. I knew the things that you've done before and I have to admit you aren't the best person out there but something in you glows. It glows a sense of pure happiness. I see something good in you, something pure and sweet but for some reason, you tend to keep that on the inside. You have done terrible things but I still see the good in you and it drives me crazy. It will always drive me crazy. You are a good person but only until you accept and act upon it. But until you do, I will wait for you."

My facelifts and it's like this weight is off of my shoulders. The whole world seems brighter like its at full intensity. My heart floats in my chest and flowers bloom. As I put down the letter and see her across the room.

She is the pureness that she sees inside me.

She loves me. Oh god, she loves me.

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About This Story
11 Feb, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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