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A Letter to all abusive DADS
A Letter to all abusive DADS

A Letter to all abusive DADS

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Its my cake day today and i have just turned 16. You know how every boy wants to grow up just to be like their daddy big, strong and superman. You know how i want to talk like you, walk like you, smile like you and laugh like you... how i wish to play fooball on the football pitch with you, go watch derby matches with you. I am no different daddy for i am a little boy growing up too, but why are things so different with us. You left Mama to raise me all by herself, is this how it must be done? When i grow up should i abondon my kids to the wolves like you did with me. I am told that growing up we learn by example and the example you have taught me is that its ok to make a woman pregnant and leave her to fend for herself whilst you go clubbing and sleep with other women.

Dear Dady i was hiding behind the door and i saw Mommy take out her purse. She looked worried but when i walked in she looked up smiled and hugged me saying "dont worry Sonny everything will be fine" but later i heard her crying in her room and i knew everything was not ok. She phoned you, i know she did for i heard her say your name asking you to bring us basic food commodities but you must have said NO for i could hear the desperation in her voice when she asked you how am i supposed to feed your son? When i become a man daddy after i make children, is it ok for me to leave them starving like you do with me? i dont know what a man is so i can only learn from you..

Dear daddy today Nana came over with groceries she gave me sweets and a big hug and told me to go play outside whilst she was talking with Mama but you know me i love eaves dropping so i went and listened from under the window that you broke when you were dead drunk...She asked mama how she was holding up and Mama started crying and i have never seen Mama cry so much which was sad indeed and i started crying too.Mama asked Nana why man are so cruel and Nana said come here my child hugging her and told her all men are the same. I was so confused daddy what does all this mean? Is it our job to make woman cry the way you make Mama cry? Is it our job to not be there for our lil ones...if it is then daddy dearest you are doing a marvelous job and you deserve to take an award for the best best Dad in the whole world.

Dear daddy today Mama came home with a new man and she said i should call him Daddy. I was so confused because i know it was not you. He is so kind and makes Mama happy. When she is around she is always happy and we never go hungry. They are having a big ceremony and they say i can carry the rings when i heard the door knock i was shocked at what i saw. It was you and you were angry at Mama calling her names that am ashamed to repeat you told her no man can raise your child ...... and i was so confused and i wondered when you ever raised me. You threatened to kill; Mama`s boyfriend because she belonged to you Mama was crying and you said you would take care of her then you said you were leaving and took out a big stack of money and pulled out $40 and told her to buy clothes and food for me .Daddy am i really worth $40 or is it ok to abandon my family for years then when they are just to be happy i come back to claim them as my own? i will be a daddy too some day so i must follow by your example or should i not?.

Dear Daddy the ceremony was huge and everybody came. You should have seen Mommy she looked like an ANGEL in white i wore black suite with a bowtie you should have seen me i looked like that guy on tv. I am sorry you could not come because i hear they put a restraining order against you. Mama came to me and told me to call her new husband Daddy. I just wanna ask you this Daddy are you not ashamed that i am about to call another man my Father Are you that useless

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7 Nov, 2019
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