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Letting Them Go

Letting Them Go

By akumumasochist

30 October 2012
Renee set his phone down on the counter as he began to do his hair. He tried to put his medium length platinum blonde hair into a ponytail, then tried only the top half in a ponytail, and ended up just brushing in and putting it down in front of his shoulders. Still not satisfied, he put on a red beanie and Adjusted his eyeliner ever so slightly, making it even. He smiled at his reflection and fixed his white tank top before hurrying over to his brother, Angus.
“How do i look?” Renee asked, a bit too excited.
“Good; as always, but why are you asking me?” his brother asked, confused.
Renee didn’t usually ask him if he looked good or not unless it was a new outfit; this one was something he wore all the time. Still, Renee looked happy, so Angus wouldn’t complain.
“I’m going out today.” He replied, spinning over to his backpack, which was by the front door.
“Really now?” Angus questioned him curiously.
“Yes, really.”
Renee took out an A$20 and stuck it in his left Red Vans shoe. His happiness seemed to radiate off of him and Angus couldn’t help but smile. His brother had rarely smiled lately. He’d been bullied, abused, and even been left out of the family events recently and it seemed to be taking a toll on him. Even though Angus could be worrisome; he decided not to suddenly become overprotective of his brother, and let him go.
“Have fun.” He whispered, forcing a smile on his own face as he thought of Renee’s past experiences.
To Angus’ surprise, Renee came up and hugged him. “I love you brother.” He said before happily exiting the small apartment.
Angus found himself blushing, but he could figure out why.

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30 Oct, 2012
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