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Lia - 01 - The call
Lia - 01 - The call

Lia - 01 - The call


Lia was in the car going to her office. She got a call from unknown number. Firstly, she ignored the call thinking about the vehicle service company that was calling since past one month. She did not give the vehicle for servicing not because she was busy as such or she didn't have money. The reason, well she was lazy to go and give the vehicle. But as the call came for the third time, she picked the call.
A broad female voice came from the other side.
Hello, I know you were ignoring my calls.
This is a good deal
You can't miss this opportunity
Wondering what is the lady talking, Lia questioned, I am unable to catch you, can you tell what are you referring?
The female chuckled, she said
You will get to know once you are part of this group. Do you want to join, Lia?
Lia was bemused, she shouted what is the damn it group?
Everyone stared her in the cab
The lady on the phone call said,
Hey Lia, do not shout, the yellow color dress girl will feel uncomfortable
Lia immediately cut the call as
The girl sitting beside her was wearing a yellow color dress and she realized she is being stalked.

Author Notes: This is my first time writing thriller. Hope you like it :)

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16 Feb, 2020
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