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By futurerAuthor101

Naomi was the most beautiful, shy, smart, funny, girl who lived in my neighborhood. The streets where the most dangerous place to live ,their is always that one sucker who stand by a corner shop ,begging for money. Naomi was the new girl on the block, she lived with her dad an her three older brothers. Her brothers where gang affiliated, an that meant if you touch they little sister it's a rap. Living in the hood you either played ball, or gang banged. I lived with my grandma an grandpa , I might as well consider them as my parents, they raised me an my brother every since we were in pampers. Our mom abandoned us when we were younger, an our dad was locked up in the pin, looking forward to twenty-five years in prison. My older brother Jermaine was the only one who saw our dad when he wasn't locked up, I wish I'd knew him but I guess everything happens for a good reason.
I went to church almost every Sunday with my grandma, an then I'd always go hit up " the park" just to see Naomi an her home girls double-ditching. Back in the day mini-skirts an high-top chucks were the thing, but now of day , these girls shorts be shorter then their

Author Notes: life as they know it

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30 Jun, 2014
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