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Every year we age.

Every year we create history.

Life is like a surprise birthday gift.

you don’t know what each gift holds.

Life is like a staircase.

You don’t know what each individual step holds.

I do not know yet of how it feels to be on the 20th, 30th or the 40th.

I am still taking my steps on the 14th.

What could be ahead?

Hope it’s a good one,

Bright and success overwhelming.

Hope it’s a good one,

without challenges ahead the trip.

No one knows where this stairs will lead me to

Because I’ll write my own story.

I’ll write my own life.

Every candle we blow,

Every second we take,

We are taking our steps

forward up the stairs.

Are you anxious?

I sure am.

Every day, week, month, year

I sure am anxious of what the future holds.

I tell myself to

dream and hope now,

when I can.

Have fun and be free,

while it lasts.

This may be the only moment.

Go ahead and let all the worries and stress fly away.

Go ahead and take a few steps down,

to the 10th, 9th, 7th.

Don’t be afraid of the future,

You’ll be alright.

There will be help on the way.

You’ll be alright.

Keep going and experience the success on the way.

There may be challenges,

Just don’t give up,

Follow the footsteps of the adults around you.

Life is like a candle,

use your time wisely,

Have fun and enjoy.

Treasure your family and friends.

Open your heart and keep all those memories safe and sound.

Good or bad, memories are all meaningful.

Just remember, age doesn’t matter.

It’s your choice to take a step or not,

Your choice to go back down and see the past.

You don’t know what you’ll find.

You may find your real personality again.

The personality and character you lost during the trip up the stairs.

Go ahead and find it again.

Go ahead and look for it again.

You are the independent variable

And the life will be the dependent.

Choose where you want to go.

Don’t be afraid.

Keep going.

Author Notes: * This is my very first post. Hope you like it!
* Please comment or write a review below for advice and praise.

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21 Feb, 2018
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1 min
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