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Life and Death

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Life and Death

By BlueberryCatfish - 1 Review

There once was a bright yellow cat, the color of the sun. Her long tail flowed gently in the wind, and her short ear fur sturred at the breeze. She was Life, the overlooker of earths beauty. She did not create new life, for that was up to the creatures themselves, but she watched over them and made sure no uneccesary harm came to them, that no mysterious beings would wipe them out. Mysterious beings like Death.

Death was a pitch black she-cat, with fur even longer and more elegant than Life's golden strands. But her heart was tainted and directed towards evil. She was a bieng born from the supernatural, a creature sent to distroy what Life and the animals had created. She was to infiltrait the large community. Her name might be conceving, for she is not the real Death, the real Death, Grim, is a dog who only helps animals and humans along with their future, and guides them to their ends when their time is up. Grim only kills when he is meant to, Death is much different.

Death had already began on her mission to kill and distroy, she would hunt the nights, looking for any wanderer to sink her claws of hell into. Life was very aware of the situation, she was also aware that dispight her being a powerful and good being, she was not very strong when it came to fighting, she was ment to nurture, not distroy.

Death was aware that Life was aware, and dispight her only mission was to destroy what Life had created, she made it her personal mission to kill her, murder her sister....

It was a very long time before these events. And two cats, a white she-cat named Cora, and an orange tabby tom named Seacoin, were said to be expecting. They were not normal cats, however. They were gods, both resided in Heaven. When the babies they were expecting were finaly born, they named them Alaula which meant 'light of dawn' and Colenso which meant 'from the dark pool.' The parents loved and favored Alaula over her darker sister. In the heavens, black or gray fur was considered tainted and impure, so the parents decided to not pay much attention to Colenso. You might be thinking that this will be a story where Colenso tries everything in her power to get her parents to want her, but no, she picked up on her parents awkward behaviar and immediately stopped caring, she decided it would be better if she could find ot how to harm her parents and make them feel pain, even though she felt none.

So it was not at all her parents fault for how she turned up, she would've turned evil anyway, she was born like that.

So after few years, and after her sister was grated the power of the heavens, Colenso traveled to the underworld, more commonly, hell. She spoke to the dark lords.

"May you grant me the powers of your and mines ancestors, give me the ability to destroy what has been created?" She spoke to the flame colored canine that sat before her.

"Why small one?"

"My family has wronged me, turned me away just because of my fur color, and I want nothing more than to make them feel pain." The black she-cat stated.

The flame-dog looked deep into her soul with his unwavering powers, and saw that she was not lying, that her heart was truly black and currupted. He thought to himself with pride, his plan had worked, he had impregnated the she-cat without her knowing, and left this orb of night in her body. Cora was his testing subject, in order to create a thing that he could use to kill those who had wronged him. For he couldn't step foot out of hell.

So Colenso recieved the powers, and was given a quest and renamed Death. So here we are...

Both the sisters sunk each others claws into the others faces, they tore down. And the final bits of blood that would be shed that night splattered onto the forest floor. Now the two sisters lay, facing eachother, each experiencing life and death.

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14 Sep, 2018
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3 mins

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