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Life as it is

Life as it is

By reachamongthestars

There's only been one moment that I can remember in which I felt truly happy. It was a moment that I want so badly to return to but at the same time dread to think again what was to follow. It was at the airport. Weird, I know but hey, airport means flying to another country. And what better is there than staying in there for a couple of hours. I felt as if I was between two places. Stuck between my home land and everywhere else. Stuck in the place where no one worried about anything and everyone had a legitimate passport and no one carried drugs. It was a place where race REALLY didn't matter, nor did language. It's funny how I liked that. I liked the futuristic white floors and matching walls. I felt even confident enough to walk without my usual slouch. Being between a national border's exit to the international borders of the world is really one of the best places you can be. My advice, I suppose is, next time you're at the airport, about to check in, take a look around at the shops and stay in there. Cause you are "safe" there, and so are the people around you. It really is one of the most selfish and selfless places you can be and a great hiding place too. (:
Hope I filled you with a pleasantly short read. Thank you for your view!

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30 Sep, 2011
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1 min
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