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Life In The Lounge

Life In The Lounge

By alexander

"There is that one person that everyone hates no one knows why, they just do, could be they way they look what they smell like or they way they do things. Most people avoid them once they meet them, never getting to know them becuse they belive if they did they would become like them different from the rest of the group and who would do that it would be soical suicide". " ha!" I laugh while coughing "not so bad for them is it " she is talking to me about us we are these so called hated, its not a genetic thing my perents always go out to party so does my brother or sister, just me and her we fit like a broken vase we grind and argue but fit better then anyone else ever will for me at lest.She is reading from a blog about a girl who was one of use until she left to never come back it was her last blog, "Josh! are you listaning?!" I nod to let her know I am here and not here.
 I have been in this town for 16 years and 1 was enough for me since I was young my perents ignored me brother and sister enjoyed the time with each other, they would of course the twins that they are and everyone thinks I am weird.The only thing different about me is a birth mark which looks like a flame going up my neck to the tip of my chin.
It was all about to be over when I meet her I was watching the fish from the bridge thinking how nice it would be to go swimming from them with a dive from a 100 feet to the lovely shallow water when i saw her jump in, not from the brige from the bank on the side she was haveing fun not careing what everyone thought about her people from my school were looking at her just like they look at me with detest but she didn't care, she had roled up her trousers so she could wade in then she started skimming stones accross the water making ripples in the water that coursed all the way to me a 100 feet away. It was a ripple that changed the colour of the world to a lighter place just by a degree, it was the first time in my life that I really laughed and it was an honest one she looked up then at me saw what i was deep inside I looked back at her she was the same no differnent yet a world apart from what I was liveing.She looked away and continued having fun, i looked away my cheeks were burning like the bright sun that day, I turned to leave walking accross the brige to go home reminding myself that today was like any other day she was just like me hated I thought.
She had seen me go and new that if she didn't stop me we wouldn't meet again at least that is what she told me later, "your different en't ya" she says "what do you mean?" I retord back " well look at your face for one thing, also you look like what I used to be." she says looking like she wants to hug me and punch me awake at the same time "you seem wierder then me" I sigh " names Josh you?" "names Shela new around here whats life like?" I look at her now she is shorter then me maybe 5,8 brown short hair tied in a short ponytail but her eyes are different her pupils look odd. I ask taking half a step forward " your eyes there.... different" she smiles " you notice things fast yes I was born with them different sizes the change all the time" I think to myslef is she on drugs or contacts maybe, but then she moved and they cahanged with it. I was stunnd and as I tried to get myself back to talking state she turned around and walked away calling over her shoulder " she you at school flame boy Josh, " she was gone as I walked home my heart had been pounding and only now did I realise it. I went to bed everyone was out so I could that night she was everywhere in my dreams next to me behind me then i was following her to the light and my brother decided to then splash water on my face " rise and shine scar face" grinning at me like a monkey with all the bananas. I try to push him off but he is 19 on the rugby team so no chance of that he lets me go " see you later i am the last one here, seems like you and me are the only ones who made it home last night" I rub my eyes " great another hangover day " he just waves while walking out of my room.
School it seems like any other crappy day there everyone talk's about nothing to each other filling there own ego bar for the morning then they do it at lunch then walking home they need recharging don't you know. I get to class and sit at the back, first one to sit as usual But I see her she is there standing in the room, and everything gets that wierd bit brighter. She says nothing and sits down next to me not even looking at me which is great becuse she is new and new always gets them interested. By them I mean the sheep people who follow the wolves of the calss they check out the new people to see if they are sheep or wolves, they find nothing out about her she stays quite the whole time they give up and go back to the wolf who they belong too. She glances over to me stretchs and drops a note onto my table, " Talk to me at lunch on the roof " class had startes so I thought why the hell not. lunch came I left and so did she we raced to the roof and got to the edge of the building it was great feeling of freedom to me. She looked at me then said in a calm and quite voice " do you want to die?" I look right at her to see if she is playing with me at all to see if she is like them, she isn't i already knew that " most of the time i think about it who dosn't" she says something that shocks me " then jump and be free to die" I look away over the railings "would it be better then here right now? " she looks over as well " lets find out." she grabs my hand I follow her she how seems like me but more different and we jump to the earth adn the flowers comming to meet me I feel i really feel for the first time in what feels like a whole life. We hit we brake we die. Whoosh " morning silly bugger " she looks at me then starts to walk " Shela is that you? " she looks back " well who else jumped with you come one its feels like we fit lets look around" that is how we get to the end from the start, but is the end worth the begining?

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28 Mar, 2015
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