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Life In the Present

Life In the Present

By kristiannamarie13

I once thought that it was better to live in the future than to live in the present . But that was many years ago. Ive grown since then. 13 is way diffrent then 4. And i guess in some peoples eyes Im still there little girl and always will be. But life is bigger than the future and  has much more meaning. We werent put on the Earth to never break rules. Never have fun. And never cut lose and be free. So I dont understand why we think so far ahead and "Plan" who we will be. You dont know who we will be when we grow older. Hell for all we know we could be the most famous people known to walk the Earth or the poorest people and be happy to be alive. My point is you dont know nor can we cantrol who we shall be in life. It just happens. So Ive decided I will think in the present more offten and not worry about farther down the road. So if i do fail a couple classes, break a couple hearts, break some rules and even have my own heart broken I know i will have done all I wanted to in my crazy amazing fun life. So that way when i do look back on the past I know I will be happy with myself and know i had alot of fun doing the things i did. So i will live in the present because I know that the present is SO special and is a gift more than anything. I will not take so much for granted and be happy with what I get throughout my life. I will laugh at the stupid things I cried for and feel stupid for the things I got mad at. You never know when it might be to late to say I love you to someone that you truly love. 
So live life to all it can be because somethings are
So precious loseing that one thing as important as anythIng will change you into something way diffrent then who you ever imagined you would or could be.
The present IS a gift <3

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19 Dec, 2011
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