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Life Is a Struggle; Love, the Same
Life Is a Struggle; Love, the Same

Life Is a Struggle; Love, the Same


I grew up reading books of heroes and glory.
The words curled from the page to draw vast worlds behind my eyes.
I would spend hours poring over every story;
The characters became my friends, my heart breaking as they died.

As I read, I dreamt; living countless lives.
I would travel deep through sprawling woods,
To serve a grand design.

I always had them near me,
Those precious novels of mine.
They showed me who I wanted to be:
A man both great and kind.

The ones that I loved best, were those that spoke of fate.
Of predestination and great things to come,
If one would but only wait.

These lonely heroes longed for comfort; for a rare and precious love.
So they sat and waited, for fate would see it done.
There was never any question, for there was never any doubt:
Their prayers were never left unanswered,
For fate would seek them out.

Their love was simple and easy,
The way I thought it should be.
And so I never doubted or feared
For I trusted my love would find me.

I had faith that someday she would appear,
An angel from the dust.
I hoped, and I wished, and I dreamed,
Yet never once did I fail to trust.

The first time I saw you, I felt like you knew me.
The first time we spoke, I knew that you’d love me.
The first touch of your hand, You knew I was yours.
The first time we kissed… my fate was forever bound to yours.

Yet this is no story, not a book, no a game.
There is no love without effort;
No joy without pain.
Doubt I have in abundance,
The fear of losing you, the same.
Sometimes I feel like giving up,
As though there's nothing more to gain.
The certainty I once possessed,
Is as fleeting as the rain.
Yet despite my fears and doubts,
And my faithlessness and shame.
I will give you all that I have to give,
For we have everything to gain.

You see, life is a struggle. And love, the same.
Yet I could never hope to find the words
To show you this feeling, nor to explain,
The warmth that burns inside my chest
Every time you speak my name.

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9 Sep, 2019
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1 min
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