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Life movie
Life movie

Life movie

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Life movie

Sometimes we get inspired by some show or a movie. Some of them gets qualified to make a mark in your head. Some of them teach us how to live our life and how to make correct decisions. But, it is in our hand to decide our perspective or lookout towards any particular show or a movie. My life and your life is a movie where we can change its ending. The ending may be sad or happy, but you have to learn something from it. You can make a good movie if you choose right supporting cast. Our friends and family are our supporting cast in movie. You life movie should contain all flavors of feelings, let it be depression, anger, love, satisfaction and all. It may not get an Oscar, but can get more than that. History can change everything, only you have to change the history. Look back in your life; you’ve a chance now to overcome your miss opportunities. You have a chance now to change your name. You have a chance now to move all the stones. You have a chance now to change your movie. You can do anything but you can’t do everything. You can change the history not future. Your movie is going to end someday. You are going to end someday. You are going to be a part of history someday. If you want people to remember you, you have to be Historic. Everyone is a hero in his own movie. You may not look like Leonardo DiCaprio but you have importance somewhere. You may be a millionaire or may be ‘nothing’, but world needs you. Your movie needs you. Your life movie needs profit and loss, win and loses and success and failure in your life. Your may get to know the world even better and one day you will understand the world completely. If you get success in that, your movie is great.

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10 Jan, 2020
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