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Life Right Now

I was doing just fine before COVID came around and ruined everything for me. It triggered me to have mental breakdowns because I couldnt see my friends and everyone I loved like my other family that I dont love with. Before COVID everything was great because I could socialize with my friends and hang out with them and hang out with my family. Now we have to wear mask and crap it makes me feel weird and insecure. Life right now is terrible but now that we have to vaccine people have hope. I dont. I think COVID will always be here. By the way I had COVID it was just greattttt because I had to stay at home and not be able to see my friends which caused me to feel more depressed more than ever. Most people think I am fine. But I am not ok. I have to hide my saddness around my parents because if they know I have depression they will send me to therapy which last time I went I yelled at the lady. But if you are reading this this far I am doing better now. I dont need help that is what my friend is for. Shout out to capt'm sus for dealing with me. Thanks for listening to me rant about how I feel.

Author Notes: I am doing just fine now guys. Nothing to worry about!

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10 Mar, 2021
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