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life sucks sometimes

life sucks sometimes

By degotti

My mom died today... an hour ago. do you have any idea how it feels. It feels horrible. I feel alone. Scared. I cannot stop crying. Have I mentioned I'm only 13. She passed away from cancer a very rare form. The worst thing is I have it too. Me and herT been fighting it for years. The doctors estimated a week for me since yesterday and they estimated a week for her yestday too. So I have nothing to live for anyway anymore considering my dad was murdered along with my two brothers when I was six. I have no one. I'm just waiting for my "week" to be up. I believe in God because I seen heaven when I was seven I went into an everyday procedure a and I saw this man at the door and yelled to the doctors who is that man. They said who. I knew it was my farther and I knew god is taking care of him and my two brothers. Hopefully my moms here too. I hope to see them soon. Goodbye only friend other then my family. <33 sorry this isn't very detailed but I don't have long....

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8 Jan, 2012
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