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Life turns around

Life turns around

By lenarae11

When she was only 5 years old her and her mother relocated to live with her moms new boyfriend. Everything was great. Or so it seemed anyways, after a few months it turned out that the new boyfriend had anger issues and he would take everything out on her and her mom. This went on for years and years. Her mom and her would move out but then come back to him. When the girl was about 13 her mother made a major life change and moved out but the girl decided to stay with the guy and let her raise him. Everything really was great until her 16th birthday. He began to take advantage of her and do things to her. When she would try and fight, he would jsut hurt her more. She found out later she was pregnant and she chose to abort it. The doctors said she could probably not get pregnant agin. 11 months later she was pregnant again, but this time she had a feeling it was actually her boyfriends. But she was forced to get rid of this one too. The doctors told it was impossible for her to ever get pregnant ever again. She beat herself up for a year and then she found out she was carrying a baby. She has now been away from the guy for a while now and she is looking forward to a beautiful baby.

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20 Sep, 2011
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