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A Life Wasted

A Life Wasted

By bleeding_roses

Once upo a time, there was a young girl. She lives a fair life for the most part. Twice though her parents mentally abused her. Her father, (followed by her brother) called her "fat". Her mother called her a "godforsaken unlovable and ungreatfull little brat!" Other than that, she was happy. Until she turned ten. That year, the girl's father was sent to Africa for two years. The girl and her family also had their first move. It was hard without their father, but they managed. This all hurt the young girl very much. Though the pain was great, she got better. Her new school was easy and she made new friends. These new friends decived her. They tricked her into believing faulse things. Then they ditched her. Left her with out a second glance.
This hurt the girl more than moving and having her father deployed. It was hard to get rid of the great pain that lay upon her, but she did.
Soon her family moved again. It was a chance to start over and make new, better friends. Or so she had hopped. This move was easier than the first, but not at all fun. The next few years of the girls life were hell. The people she knew were demons. She began to cut herself and think of suicide. Her heart, which was once rich with love an beauty, was now small and black.
More people came and left her. Some of them broke the girls already shrivled up heart. Then a boy came alng. This boy was two ears older than the girl, but niether minded. They became friends and eventually dated.They were together for three months and became very close. He even bought a ring to propose to her. She wanted to say yes but refused and told him to fin her again when she was of age. Another month went by and the boy left without a trace. He left her without saying goodbye. The girl had loved he boy. He made her heart grow again. Then he left. This cruel act shattered the girl. Her heart became smaller, blacker, and more pathetic than ever. Each day, it grows colder and smaller. Each day, people hurting the girl.
The girl has had many attempts at suicide. All of them failing. All for the same reason. A reason and secret which will be carried to her grave with her.

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22 Dec, 2011
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2 mins
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