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Just like the wind, she came into my life.

In the most beautiful autumn forest, we met for the first time.

The very moment I heard her voice, I realised I was already falling in love with her.

She said,"Hello, can you speak Chinese?" a very cute way.

I rushed to meet her, the person with the cutest voice I had ever heard in my life.

From the moment I met her, my heart told me that I wanted her...

My heart felt calm every time I heard her voice..I can always feel her warmth through her voice.

It resonated in my heart...

In that moment,

I knew, I had fallen in love with her.

When she came to me, I knew that I wanted to protect her for the rest of my life.

She asked me, "have you done today's missions..?"

Honestly, I had already finished all the missions I had that day. But I was compelled to lie just to talk with her. I wanted to stay by her side..

I was able to accompany her and stay by her side throughout the whole day.

During our first day of meeting, we had a long conversation. Surprisingly, we have a lot in common.

Throughout our conversation I realised the connection we had with each other. We had a similar past which could also be why we understood each other so well. We became close within just a day.

Since then, whenever and wherever she went, I was always by her side.

I am always there for her...from early mornings to late nights. We would do all our tasks together, laughed and struggled together. Everyday was really fun.

Every second we spent together, we were happy.

Soon after, without hesitation, I asked her to stay with me. With just as little hesitation as I had, she agreed.

That was the happiest day of my life.

As we stayed together, every day became increasingly more beautiful and fun.

I used to wake up late but ever since I met her, habits changed.

I began to wake up earlier than I ever did in years. Due to her, I gradually became a different person.

At times, the urge to see her made it hard to sleep at night as I thought of her everytime I closed my eyes.

She would sometimes come to me as a form of a dream...

And everytime she did, I loved it.

However, not long after we began staying together, she had to leave me behind.

They said, happiness doesn't last forever. In this case, it didn't last long. Just a few weeks after we started staying with one another, she left and went back to her own life.

Why did it happen you ask?

It happened because there was no real commitment in our relationship. Even though we stayed together, love did not exist between us.

We stayed together because we felt comfortable around each other...but between us, there was no such thing as love between lovers. Although I was sad, I chose to let her go.

I sent her off that day, in hopes that she would live a life full of more fun.

But even then, we still met occasionally, once in awhile.

It was a usual day. We were doing our tasks together and met someone new that later on, became a part of our lives. The three of us began to hang out was fun...and I became less sad. I slowly forgot my sadness.

Until one day, while the three of us were hanging out together, she suggested that I stayed together with our new friend.

I was a fool, I thought that that was what she really wanted...and that it was her wish for me to do so.

And the next day,

I asked our new friend to stay with me. Our new friend agreed to the idea and moved in with me.

That same night, something was strange from her behavior while she was visiting me and my new friends.

She was especially quiet...

She didn't stay around long like usual.

She excused herself, providing us the reason that she had something else to do.

At that time, I knew nothing of her feelings and really thought she was busy.

The next day, I could sense her trying to avoid me and I was only able to have a grasp on her time in the evening.

But she had changed. She didn't laugh like she always had and something in her voice had changed. The voice that I always miss.

That voice didn't sound the same that night and she sounded like a different person.

With patience, I waited in silence until she wanted to talk. Instead, I heard her conversing with someone else. She was telling her friends she wanted to stop seeing me.

I was shocked.

I wondered what was wrong.

I replayed every memory that we spent the day before.

What mistake did I make that day that induced her to want to stop seeing me.

When she realised that I had overheard everything, she stopped talking to me for a moment.

She was incredibly quiet, the silence was making me go crazy.

In my mind I thought to myself...ah it's over now.

Moments went by and finally she spoke to me...

The first word that came out of her lips....


"From today onwards, let's stop seeing each other... lets stop hanging out together."

Though I expected it, I was still shocked.

But I tried to stay calm...

With patience, I reasoned with her..

And somehow, I managed to get her to give me the actual reason for wanting to stop seeing me.


She felt jealous because I was staying with another person other than her.

I thought that she was cute for it..

She was the one who suggested staying with our new friend but she still felt jealous after.

I spoke with her calmly and told her that there was nothing between me and our new friend. Our relationship resembled that of a sister and brother. Not to mention I was nearly 10 years older than our new friend.

I teased her with the fact that she was the one who brought up the rooming suggestion. Only then did she smile and began talking like she always does. In the voice that made me feel in love with her.

After a long talk, I managed to make her understand. And the next day, I was able to continue hanging out with her again.


Time flies by when you're having fun.

A few weeks passed...

Sadness knocked on my door as once again, I was about to lose my roommate...

After staying together for just two weeks, she had to leave me.

My heart was broken.

I felt betrayed by someone that I thought of as my own sister.

But once again, I felt that I couldn't do anything to stop anyone from leaving my side.

I pretended like everything was okay.

With tears I kept to myself, I sent her off...

I was so broken that night....

Waterworks- one like I never had before in my life. I was crying like a fool..

I cared for them yet

I couldn't bear to lose the both of them...

That night, I thought endlessly.

I made a hard decision.

I decided to stop seeing them. I didn't want them to see me like this. I believed they would feel guilty seeing me in the state I was and didn't want them hanging out with me with the burden of such a feeling.

So I chose to stop seeing them.

My phone rang. It was sudden.

The call was from her...

She kept calling and texting me...but I felt too sad and broken to talk with anyone.

I kept ignoring her but her persistence held my attention. I gave in.

She said something that I will never forget.

She finally confessed her feelings to me. She said she liked me and needed me in her life.

How can I ignore something like that..

As a man, I couldn't turn down the heart of a sincere and persistent women like her.

I returned her call immediately and asked her if she was joking.

Turns out, she was really serious and she did actually have feelings for me. For quite awhile now...

I was so happy, ecstatic- feeling like I owned the whole world.

But this is not a story with a happy ending...

To be continued.

Author Notes: Write for hobby

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7 May, 2019
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7 mins
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