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Like a Bullet
Like a Bullet

Like a Bullet

2 Reviews

Love is like a bullet.
Love will hurt you
oh so deeply and
so personally.

It’s like getting hit
with a bullet, in the
sense that the bullet will
hurt you and it will
destroy you, but why?

Love can destroy you,
smash you into trillions
pieces, and mangle you
into a different being
all together.

Love can be a burden
because you always think
of the person you love to
the point that it’s
hard to focus on anything

Love fucking hurts
only because the thought
of the person you love
only strangles your brain
and collides with your
heart, breaking everything
you knew and replacing it
with a pain so deep
and indescribable because
you know you can never
have that one person.

I can never have her,
but why?

Why do I have to share
the burning pain of a
one sided love story?

Why does the person
I love not even notice me?

Why do I have to
love her?


Why am I an emotional
wreck over her when I
can never fucking have her?


I love someone who I
know shares my pain,
so why the fuck do I
love her and she doesn’t
love me?

Why did whatever
bearded monster above
create love just so
we can feel pain?

Why is love like a bullet?

Author Notes: Thank you for reading. I haven't been on for a LONG time and I'm working on something REALLY big to post here. This is part one of four.

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About This Story
18 Jan, 2019
Read Time
1 min
4.5 (2 reviews)

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