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Lily And Mother Part 1

Lily And Mother Part 1

By Jaggergum

It was morning at glacier grove. The morning here in our small house was so boring. The usual thing I did was lay In bed until mum came home. You see my mum would go out every night with a different boyfriend every time. I got worried about her because she started getting drowsy and I took her to the professional doctors to help her. They said ‘with this DNA we noticed that your mum has been in a state of shock and has had been upset lately which will make her feel sleepy’ then the doctor handed her some smiley face tablets and then said again ‘make sure your mum takes these every night’ he said warily and then led us out the room into the reception ‘Lily’ said mum ‘weeee need to go onto the happy train to get to our palace at home’ and then I just noticed something ‘Mum your drunk!’ I said in disgust. I already knew mum had taken some drugs over the past few weeks but that was nothing yet. Mum had started leaving me alone with Gemmy and Jonah and pixie. Gemmy my six year old sister, Jonah my 4 year old brother and pixie, my 3 year old sister. One night me and mum were in the middle of an argument when I shouted at my mum. Gemmy was eavesdropping and tried to carry pixie into my room but Jonah was still sat on the sofa crying like a bunch of onions where next to him. Sadly mum walked out. This was scary. Mum had left me alone with two little sisters and one annoying little brother. I’m only 13 and I was already feeling like a mum that was just stabbed. My heart throbbed. My throat was aching like mad and I was standing there, alone. I decided that we cant go to school anymore, I was worried that they would tell anyone or the teacher that we were alone. Right now I wanted to be alone but inside I felt like I was going to be put into care. We cant stay here anymore. I picked up pixie and carried her into her own room and stuffed all her clothes in her suitcase. I gave pixie her coat and hat and then pixie popped them on. I carried the suitcase into the hallway and then rushed into Jonah and Gemmy’s room and then started to help them both pack a large bag full of toys and clothes. Gemmy wouldn’t forget her special notepad. She found it with her own build-a bear teddy and then she stuffed them both into the bag. They both rushed into the hallway and held pixies hand, waiting for me to finish packing MY things. I walked into my room and got out a large jumbo backpack and a blue suitcase. I put all of my C.Ds and posters and makeup and books into the jumbo bag and then put all my important clothes and shoes and socks into my suitcase. I dragged everything into the hallway. I put pixie in her old pink stroller and held both of Jonah and Gemmy’s hands and walked outside. For some reason mum still had her black BMW car there. I was only 13. But this is an emergency, right? I put pixie into her Giraffe booster seat in the back seat and closed the curtain on her window and then said to Jonah ‘Go sit on the front seat’ and then obviously Gemmy went to go and sit on the back seat next to pixie. Finally it was my turn to get into the car and drive it. I opened the door of the front seat. I placed myself onto the thick tanned leather seat and adjusted my hands on the wheel. I flicked the key jammed into a lock sideways and then stepped my foot on reverse. I was doing it!. Then I drove up the road and onto the high street. Finally I saw the shops. I parked into a empty spot and got out the car and said ‘Gemmy, keep an eye on them two’ and gemmy nodded like a little lady. I forgot. I didn’t have any money. I walked into the shop cautiously and saw some money on the chipped wooden counter. I looked over it with my beady eyes and stepped forward and looked around to see if anyone was looking and then I grabbed the money and ran out of the shop, stooped into the car and drove off. I counted the money quickly. I was amazed, you would never believe how much it was. It was 100 quid and I was almost screaming and then pixie and Jonah and gemmy and me shouted ’We are on our way!’ I parked up to car into a nice place at the airport. I stepped out the car and smiled. I opened the booster and got out the folded stroller and unfolded it and put the bags under the stroller and then I got pixie out of the car and strapped her into the stroller and then I told gemmy and Jonah to hold my hand and then with their free hands they dragged their suitcases while I was also pushing the stroller and we got into the doorway of the fresh airport. I looked around. There was shops everywhere. Then I saw a nice small and decent café. I led everyone and everything into the café and then a plump red headed lady came up to us and said ‘welcome to the café! Your tykes can go and play that free piñata game over there with all the other children but for some reason gemmy and Jonah and pixie weren’t gleaming at that. Their glistening eyes were staring in the complete opposite direction and were looking at a radish purple bouncy castle which was clean and soft. They all started looking at me with the ‘Pretty please’ look and then I said in shock ‘don’t look at me, do what you want’ and then the plump lady led them all to the bouncy castle while I walked over to a white shiny table which had fresh cold drinks on the table and foods of all kind, I called over pixie and gemmy and Jonah and then they started nibbling but then instead they called the red headed lady and then asked for a paper bag and then as soon as she arrived with a healthy brown bag and walked away we all stuffed some bottles of water and the food inside the bag and put it under the stroller and then put pixie in the stroller and done exactly what we did earlier with our bags and then set out of the café and saw the ticket station. We waited in queue but the friendly and jolly fat man in front of us said ’sorry missy. You can go in front of me’ and I didn’t have a choice because the fat man stepped behind me with a thump and then we all moved forward and I looked at the ticket machine. I tapped a button which said ’ 4 too London’ and then four yellow and white tickets slipped out of a see through flap on the machine. We all moved forward to the door where there was lots of planes outside, I saw our plane which said ‘Vole London’ and pushed the stroller up the plastic outlined stairs. Jonah and gemmy followed a little worried. I gave the tickets to the lady standing outside the plane and walked into the plane. I saw two seats opposite each other with a table in the middle that was attached to the red carpet flooring in the warm plane. We moved forward to the seats and then Jonah and gemmy sat together on the first two seats and strapped themselves in quickly and tightly. I sat on the other two seats with pixie and strapped ourselves both in. it was scary on our first plane. Then the pilot said through the speaker ’please everyone, strap yourselves in tight and please make sure all children are holding a sick bag, if not take one from under the table and in 5,4,3,2,1...’ and Boom! It was like we were stuck on an upside down rollercoaster.

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30 Jan, 2012
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6 mins
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