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By zzz38

A little girl of four years old has everything. Looks, money, toys etc. One day, when she is out with her family, her little brother Jim(1 year) and her dad Clemency(26), she is at the beach. Her dad suggests that they go for a row, but she is too scared, so she and her brother stay on the sand. She is watching her dad and he is smiling and waving at them. All of a sudden, her dad's boat tipped over, and he goes under the water. unseen by beachgoers, he hits his head on a rock and gets knocked out. When he doesn't come back up, Lisa (the girl) starts to panic. she asks a woman with a young child if she can call the ambulance. The woman says yes and asks why. when she tells her, she looks at her and her brother sympathetically and calls the hospital. The ambulance arrives a few minutes later and in the afternoon he is pronounced dead. Lisa and Jim are transported to a childrens home. There, they are smacked and beaten like the other kids. When Lisa is 14 years old, she is sure that she can't take another four years of it. Jim is still eleven and at school they are known as "The Orphans".
Lisa is driven mad by grief, anger and loss and kills her orphanage owner. she is taken away by the police and spends the remainder of her life locked up. Her brother Jim moved away from the country as soon as he became of age and for the rest off both of their lives, they bear the scars of their childhood. Just a reminder of how you can have everything and then lose it all.
What happens in life is not your fault if you had an utterly good reason for it.

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14 Dec, 2011
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