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Little Bear
Little Bear

Little Bear

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Little Suzy's arms wound around the stomach of her old tattered bear. Holding her stuffed bear close to her chest, her eyes widened as she stared out her bedroom window into the dark stormy night. Trees blew ferociously in the hard wind while their small helpless leaves were shoved to the ground. A large bolt of lightning came crashing to the ground while little Suzy buried her head in her bear.

“Don't worry little bear, we will be ok” she whispered.

Pulling the covers over her head she hugged her bear tight and hummed a tune to soothe her fear. She was scared, it was dark outside and it sounded as if pieces of the sky were crashing to the ground. Suzy grinned as she thought about how sad the sky was. Frowning she whispered to her bear, “the poor sky, he must have had something terrible happened to him, I wish we could help him”. Suzy’s eyes fell gently closed as she slowly drifted to sleep. Then one last time she kissed her bear on the head. While yawning she whispered, “goodnight little bear I love you”. And soon she fell asleep listening to the sounds of the pattering rain and the roaring winds. Who knew that such a little bear could bring a small child peace.

Author Notes: I was thinking to myself the other day when I saw a small bear in my sister's room and thought, my stuffed bear was one of my dearest things to me when I was little. (and maby I still have it lol). So I wrote this story about how comforting and how amazing they are. Please feel free to leave a review on this story. Have A Good Day!!!

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29 Aug, 2019
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