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A Little Bit of Love
A Little Bit of Love

A Little Bit of Love

Legolas_GreenleafCharlie Cerberus
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In this world, everyone is given just a little bit of love. But I want more. I have love to give to my family and friends and to respect myself. But that is not enough. I need enough love to give to those broken-hearted strangers, enough to give the lost and alone, enough to tell them that I am constantly there walking barefoot with them, in front of them, getting cut by the shattered glass so that they don’t have to. Even if I’m not there I want my love to always live on in them. But everyone gets a certain amount of love to spend, but I need to love. I see people I can’t help and I fall. Why? Couldn’t I have been there? Giving them the love they need? The little bit of love they need? But I only have a little bit of love left, form the little bit of love I’ve been so sparingly given, so I’ll give you the love reserved for me and watch you laugh and live and continue to love through the tears that I cry. Because I can handle pain and sorrow but seeing how you fall at its feet I’ll take the whip to the back and watch you stand and love. Because I love you I’m scraping the edges of the carton of love but it’s no big deal because there’s enough sadness in this world so all I want to see in your glowing happy eyes is love. So I’ll go cry in the bathroom because I may have given you the last bit of love but I will always come back, and we can create more.

Author Notes: I love everyone in this world and want to see them laugh and love and pass on the love I have given So that the others in this world can feel love, in its soft caress.

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Charlie Cerberus
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21 Jan, 2020
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1 min
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4.5 (2 reviews)

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