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A Little Boys Tears

A Little Boys Tears

By Lynton

Dad why do we have to live on the streets?
Why do we have to beg people for something to eat?
And Dad why are they so mean to me?
I'm just a little boy, I'm only three.
We live in a life of sin,
But we do good I just don't understand why do we always have to eat out of  dustbin.
I'm scared Dad, I'm always living in fear
But nobody cares when they see this little boys tears.

My son.
I can't explain everything we just have to stick together.
One day we will make it through this stormy weather.
My son. For what it's worth.
I should of never brought you to this earth.
But we just have to try.
Even though it kills me to see my little boy cry.

Dad. I can't stand the rain.
I'm drowning in this pain.
I'm just a little boy.
I don't even know what it's like to play with a toy.
I'm only three
Why does the world expect so much from me?

My son.
I don't expect you to understand,
But I'm sorry that you have to grow up to be a man.
Just keep on holding my hand
And as long as we live we shall stand. 
It's me and you.
We have to make the storm carry us through.
So please wipe those tears
So we can be strong and live to see another year.

How can I be strong
When everything around me seems to be going wrong?
When will everything be okay?
We not even sure if we will live to see the next day.
I think it's better if we die.
Then nobody will have to see this little boy cry.

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26 Mar, 2014
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