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Little puppy

Little puppy

By reachamongthestars

Given to her since he was a puppy, the little dog had lost an ear. As a young child, she stared at him and was disgusted by his missing body part. But as she played with her toys, the puppy came and sat down beside her, keeping her company when she was home alone.

When the girl turned five, she lost her favourite teddy bear, the puppy, being one with a sensitive nose, helped her look for it. As time wore on, the puppy began to note her habits, like how she always split her sandwiches in half, feeding him a small part before she ate them.

Two years later when the puppy was sick, she cared for it. She always made sure that he was fed properly and knitted him a little hat to keep on his head to hide his missing ear. Her friends and relatives started to comment on how cute and obedient her puppy was. The girl swelled with pride and grattitude for her puppy. Thinking back on how stupid she was just a few years ago, looking down on the little dog just becuase he only had one ear.

The dog, having now grown up, understood more of the world and loved his owner. He loved how she cared for him and always greeted him with a smile. For once in his life the dog was happy, happy to have someone who loved and cared for him without being turned off be his appearance.

Time passed and the girl was now 13, having just started high school, she made new friends and rarely had time to play with the dog. Her time was spent locked up inside her room, with a closed door, yet the litle dog knew she was typing away on her keyboard, talking to her friends on Facebook, not caring if she missed dinner. All the dog got was a short pat and a fake smile, he could sense that all she wanted to do was get back into her room and start chatting again. Because of this, the dog had to bark for her to bring down his food.

One afternoon, the girl was walking home from school. The dog happened to be out in the front yard, sniffing the daisies, thinking on his now lonely life when he heard his owner's footsteps from across the street, which were greeted with an angry honk of some nearby car.

The dog ignored the honk and took off to greet his owner, putting on his best doggy smile and running full speed across the road. That was when the accident happened. She was too busy checking her phone for messages with her earphones plugged in to notice that anything out of line had happened. It was only when she heard the harsh gruff voice of a man calling her over for help that she stopped in her tracks. There, in the middle of the road, still with his hat on was her dog. Only this time, his tail was not wagging.

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26 Mar, 2011
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2 mins
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