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A little to late.

A little to late.

By john

Jared and jermy were best friends who were practically brothers. They play games, hung out, went to movies, and cared for each other so much nothing but death would seperate them. Well one day while walking down the street notices a girl who is far more gorgeous than any thing he's ever seen, with the perfect face, hair, and name of christine. So naturally they talk, and hang out, and even start dating. But she tells jared that she has a crush on jermy. Jared being a good friend no matter what just walks away from her and gives them their space. After awhile through lots of depression and anger jared finally gives in to the pressure. He gets home from work and takes a handful of his dads pain pills and chugs them with water. Well christine who comes to his house and finds the door open and jared dead from a overdose. She cries and commits suicide because she had come to tell him she loved him and wanted to be married to him forever. She was just a little too late.

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28 May, 2011
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