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A Living Culture

A Living Culture

By woodpecks

Culture has many meaning but here I mean, culture as people's way of life. These ways of life which range from belief systems, lifestyles and thinking-style to even the way we greet, eat,walk and dress are consciously created but sometimes they are unconscious, subliminal and evolutionary. Many of these cultures have helped greatly in community level to uphold unity and form, ties and bond and also the human person to achieve emotional balance and cushioning, personality stability and cohesion.Unfortunately, some of these cultures have held us down, backward and in bondage. Most have outlived their time and purpose of creation and need amendment or even total removal.

It's time we have a living culture, one that recognizes the importance of women not just in marriage but in the social setting. A culture that rewards women for every effort just as it does to men. One that recognizes that due to economic necessity most women are now working class and should not be expected to be the only home maker. A culture that sees a child for what s/he is instead of gender. A living culture that attaches more importance to the content of a male child instead of "male genital status". A culture that will encourage being satisfied with having only female children if it pleases nature instead of frowning at it. Of course, a living culture that gives room for healthy questioning of all long held traditions and beliefs not necessarily to discredit them but to "inject life into them". A culture that allows people to live their lives so far it infringes on no body's peace and right no matter our opinion of them. A culture that ... The list is endless.

Yes, it's a process that can outlive many of us and our generation. It may seem unreasonable since these cultures are ingrained in us but remember that it took the unreasonable conviction of only Mary Slessor to banish the evil culture and tradition of killing of twins in the old eastern Nigeria. Yes, you alone can bring that change you want to see in your life and in the society.

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19 Oct, 2016
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