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Living Dead!!
Living Dead!!

Living Dead!!


Living Dead

Living dead was the word she used to describe all of theirs agony. Almost everyone agreed to her at once. They all solicited each other with the hope of a better future, and bid each other farewell with “Amen”.

Hopes, hopes and hopes of betterment are all; they carry to walk through this journey. Journey of disguise which befooled them at first sight, and which will repeat its wrongdoings. If anyone would see, he couldn’t tell that they called themselves living dead. With life full of glimmer and pomposity any naïve eye would believe that are extremely happy and satisfied with their lives. It’s really awful to weigh someone’s happiness in mere material. A voice enslaved inside them wanted to cry for help, to tell all what they actually want, Life full of respect, love and esteem.

Author Notes: Its realistic fiction, idea of living dead is taken from a real conversation. This story is written to highlight that money is not substitute for things like respect, love and esteem.

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26 Jan, 2020
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