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Living hell

Living hell

By Deadinside

Jan 1
I wake up. I open my eys, but i dont see....anything. I get up, but i cant hear. And then i know

Jan 21
My life is hell. After the incident,i had to change schools. Try making friend when you cant hear or see them. At school we use the " hellen keller method", you know, how they comunicated by touch it yakes along time to inderstand

Jan 22
I am going to the docters. They want to see if what ihave is "fixable" i dought it.

Feb 4
I am so exited i shake as i write these words! They found out my hearing was onley minorly damaged, and fixed me up with a hearing aid! I admit my hearing isnt perfect, and i cant hear wispering,but beggers cant be choosers, right?

Feb 5
I can remember the last thing i saw. We were watching the ball drop LIVE in times square then i colapesd in the car and went home

There were so many things i wanted to do with this life... To be continued

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20 May, 2011

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