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A Living Spirit

A Living Spirit

By SosaBaby

One night I had watched a scary movie with my husband before he had to go to work.

I was sitting down under a tree and I look up to see that I am in a cemetery. I walk and I look around, I see a house. I see a big creepy house that looks empty like no one lives there. I stare and study it to see if there might be a possibility of someone living there.

As I turn around to see if there is a exit, I see this figure just blocking my way. It is a man who has his shirt torn and has a cut on the side of his stomach, it is bleeding so much and I say "Oh my, sir are you ok? Do you know if there is a exit?" as I ask I' shaking in fear. He just looks at me with a face as if he wants to just hit me or come at me.. sort of kill me. So I'm scared and I run to the creepy house as the man is chasing me.

I'm screaming and knowing its a dream just trying to figure out how to wake up. So I'm in the house and there is no one there and I go upstairs to look at the windows hoping to see how to get out the cemetery, and I turn around to look for a cell phone, the man is behind me and he says "Please help me. I have been stuck her for years and I don't know how to leave I'm trapped, My name is Angel"

So I wake up and I call my husband and he says its just a dream and that I should really get some rest. I went to bed. The next morning my husband and I drove to Dallas,Tx to visit our beloved family members and we pass by a cemetery and I notice the bricks I seen in my dream and I go and talk to one of the workers and told him about my dream. Then he showed me to the head stone and the head stone had a picture of Angel and I started crying because he was real. As I drive to my grandma's I tell her about it and so did my husband. Then sh says, Vanessa you don't remember Angel?

I say no, then she says remember when you were 7yrs old he died right there then she pointed across her yard. She said you used to always say he would follow you places then you got older and moved you forgot about him. He found you again. My husband was so freaked out and I was like oh.. like as if it didn't bother me!! Ever since that trip and the dream I do feel happy to know that I'm still important to a ghost :) I believe that Angels spirit sill lives and I ALWAYS visit his grave when I go to Dallas.

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About This Story
1 May, 2011
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2 mins
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