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Living the Past
Living the Past

Living the Past


Spencer walked inside the police office, he sighed painfully. It had been quite a while since he started to look up his step - brother's death case. It was honestly turning to be obnoxious.

Most people would say Rain Watson, his brother, was a wretched boy, Spencer would say otherwise. He could feel it, even in the pictures he'd once seen. Rain lived a happy life. His hapless lose compounded to the woe, it afflicted him deeply.

"There goes Spencer.. still searching for his brother" an old lady behind the police station counter muttered under her breath.

"There goes an old lady.. bereft of compassion, always meddling in other's lives" Spencer deceived in a mocking tone of voice.

The old woman showed a gloomy expression as she lifted her gaze at Spencer. "Another copy of Rain Watson?" She asked, although she already knew the answer.

Spencer smiled under his dirty, dark mask. His appearance was harrowing to others. "Yes, still at it.." he said delicately as he descried the woman's lack of sympathy. She bent down to open a drawer and handed him the extensive pile of papers collected over the years, by Spencer himself.

He snuck his gloved hand out and clasped the file firmly. "May you have a good day" he spoke with a gentle gesture. He quickly walked out of the station and got in the car that was waiting for him.

He kissed his girlfriend on the cheek and shut the car door. As the seat belt clicked on its lock, he exhaled in relief. Seeing Jean always planted a smirk on his face, even in haunting times like this one.

Jean laughed a little, glancing at Spencer's relaxed face. "Its good to see you, dear! What were you doing in here?" She asked curiously as she turned on the car. Her breathing was serene, now that she sat next to her boyfriend. It was pleasant to see him again, even with his coat and fedora on, which Jean thought seemed funny and childish at times. She drove wondrously betwixt the bust streets and dark alley ways of Britain.

Spencer looked down at his file, somehow managing to read it through despite the car moving abruptly. "Oh, you know... just visiting" he replied, still focusing partly on the papers.

Jean looked over at Spencer for a moment, and frowned slightly "visiting? Who were you visiting over there?" She inquired, curious about the response.

Spencer didn't bother to look up at her, still reading silently. "my uncle, remember when they sent him to prison? With no merit whatsoever?" he asked, raising his voice just a little. "I just wanted to keep him company.." he lied, now with a calmer voice. His uncle wasn't imprisoned, he just needed an excuse to give to Jeannie. He supposed, she would be tired of hearing about the murder.

Jeannie took a deep breath as she turned left on a green light. Though she didn't remember anything about his uncle in prison. Sometimes she really felt confused towards Spencer. But it didn't matter, as they were entering the apartment, which they shared.

He walked in and closed the door behind him, holding his papers in his hand. "I'll be up in my room, Jean.. I'm not hungry" he said softly and rushed upstairs towards his tiny, but filled, office.

Before Jeannie could say anything in favor or against it, Spencer left. She exhaled and decided to concentrate on making dinner, in fact, she really enjoyed cooking.

Jeannie was always affectionate with Spencer when he felt down, but now they distant with each other, since Spencer was reluctant to open himself up to her. She sometimes seriously wondered if the nicknames his friends gave him was actually a joke or not, because it was really descriptive for him. "Moody Spencer.." she mumbled and chuckled a little.

On the other hand, Spencer was obsessively immersed in the death case of his brother Rain. It became his motive, the reason he got up from bed in the mornings. It made him sick mentally but, that didn't stop him from keeping through with it. He turned on the desk lamp, that sheen the room. He glanced through it all night long. Munching on a sandwich that Jeannie left for him before she went to sleep, which he appreciated because he didn't eat much throughout the day.

Just as he made out with the papers, he got called up by his boss at the hospital he worked in. "Right.. of course I work here" he thought to himself sarcastically, as he picked up his phone, with dissension.

Spencer got up from his chair and ran downstairs, he shoved a glass of water down himself, since he didn't eat anything the night before, or slept the right amount of hours, for that matter. He put on his sunglasses and decided to take a taxi all the way to the hospital. He greeted the driver and hopped in the car "can you take me to Brooklyn's Hospital please? Exit 3. Come on buddy, let's go!" He indicated the driver and leaned back on the seat. He sighed, closing his eyes slowly. The drive was long, after all, so he took advantage of this to get a few minutes of rest, even if it meant experiencing a blasting headache later.


Spencer got woken up by a loud, consistent honk of the taxi driver. He rubbed his eyes softly and put his sunglasses back on, so others wouldn't notice his lack of sleep. He paid the driver and patted his shoulder as a way of saying thank you. While getting out of the car, he let out a long yawn, covering his mouth with his right palm. Although he was used to sleeping less than everybody, it took a toll on him nonetheless.

He walked rapidly towards the doors on Exit 3 and his body relaxed for a moment as the warm breeze of air from the conditioner blew against him.

A few moments later, after changing into that gown that confused everyone together, Spencer found himself assisting the main surgeon, his good friend Richmond. Though they didn't talk much, since Spencer became apathetic, he knew he was one of the very few he could really trust.

"How's the case going? Any relevant clues yet?" Richmond asked, as they carefully cleansed their hands, since the surgery had ended.

Spencer looked over at him and smiled slightly under the surgical mask. He shook his head slowly as if saying no. "Well.." he then muttered "some of them keep repeating themselves but.. I'm not done with it yet" he explained softly to Richmond.

"Well.. keep at it, mate. I'm sure you'll find something soon, just don't let it get to you" Richmond encouraged with a small grin on his face. It's too late for that now, isn't it? Spencer thought. He walked out and into a changing room. "I'll see you around, Mondy" He shouted slightly.

Spencer changed back into khaki pants and a plain grey shirt. He stepped out and hurried down to the building's bottom floor, where he kept Rain's body for investigations. The hospital allowed him to do that since he paid for the room, as if Rain was alive.

When he arrived at the room, it came to his mind, that Rain had been murdered by Spencer's father. Of course he did. He always had acquaintances. Spencer exhaled painfully, a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. The missing piece of the puzzle was there, just in front of him, as he cut Rain's stomach open. There were harmful, slimy chemicals all inside. The imprisoned man found his way of killing Rain. With tears rolling down his face, he threw the gloves on an empty trash can. As the body laid on the iron table, he pulled out his lighter from a pocket and burned it. He watched it turn into dust.

Spencer then called Jeannie and explained everything to her, with no lying this time. He told her to bring a small box from his office. She arrived, showed him said box and together, they put Rain's ashes inside. Spencer couldn't stop crying. It felt as if he was only now realising that his brother wasn't there anymore. For the first time, in nearly six years, he learned to let go and stopped living in the past.

Author Notes: Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what kind of stories you'd like to see next!

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30 Jun, 2020
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