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Lock-Down 2
Lock-Down 2

Lock-Down 2

7 Reviews

I was in 9th grade. The classes didn't start yet. We heard our princable over the intercom," Teachers this is a code black, I repeat a code black." All of the students knew what it ment. teachers aren't very good at keeping codes a secret. I was in the computer lab with a few of my friends. We immediatly went under the desks, and the teacher covered the windows and turned the lights off. We knew that if this was a real lockdown, we would be in trouble because the door's lock wasn't functioning properly. We started hearing someone walking down the halls. Pounding on the doors. We could all tell this wasn't the superintendent. We all became a little scared as he got closer to our classroom door. We all hid our faces and layed flat on the ground. Then all of the sudden the knocking stopped. We heard footsteps in the room we were in. Remind you this is a class of about 5 people. We all hid under the desk scared out of our minds. The table were behind got moved. We looked up to see a man with a gun. He looked at us and said to my best friend,"Don't you remember me, You used to bully me because of my clothes?" She looked at him closer realising she did bully him. He said come with me if you want your friends to live. She got up crying and then out of nowhere he shot her in the face, killing her instantly. Then the cops arrested him and he went to jail, for 127 years and no chance of parole.

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11 Feb, 2019
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